Full stack for Ruby… Fredy Konig 著 [Leanpub PDF/iPad/Kindle]
Full stack for Ruby Framework
Full stack for Ruby Framework
Full stack for Ruby Framework

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Last updated on 2017-03-22

About the Book

Fan of Linux for years and now developing under Ubuntu, Debian, Centos and RedHat.

The author  already developped and maintained different web applications: from simple HTML, java and now Ruby On Rails.

Through this book, he would like to share his experience of setting up server with Ruby on Rails, or Sinatra framework.

Using cloud servers you can now have a web server quickly ready for action.

The intention of this book is to give practical information on how to setup the back end server

and go through some typical ruby code which would give you the base for your own web platform.

... So on the Server side the back end: Choose your cloud (Linode,Rackspace,Amazon), or with a more traditional way a hardware then the Operating system for the course of this book we will use Ubuntu but any other debian or linux system would be similar. (after debian/ubuntu my second choice would be CentOS for its performance with mysql)

The packages: -Iptables -NFS drive for mutiple server -Git as a server or client. -Capistrano for deployment -Nginx or Passenger or Apache ...

On the Ruby side: - Ajax and all the html part with one or more application - The workers with Resque, Redis - A sinatra base core. - Mysql - cron jobs - authentication (maybe with LDAP or SAML) and not to forget some data management of your databases: replication, optimisation and archiving ...

On Javascript side: The use of websocket, which is now integrated in Rails 5 using the ActionCable gem.

About the Author

Fredy Konig
Fredy Konig

Full time Ruby Developer , ex Electronic Engineer

Geek by the heart.

PgD, Msc, BSc

Blog: Shared I.T. experiences with Linux

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