Rails 4.0: A Student Manual
Rails 4.0: A Student Manual
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Rails 4.0: A Student Manual

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Last updated on 2014-06-03

About the Book

About the Author

Bryan Bibat
Bryan Bibat

Hi, I'm Bryan Bibat and I'm a software engineer based in Taguig City, Philippines. I have 10 years of experience in developing software, mainly web applications.

Table of Contents

    • Foreword
    • Foreword to the Rails 3.0 version
    • Code
    • License
  • Introduction to Ruby on Rails
    • What is Ruby on Rails?
    • Prerequisites of this Course
    • Required Software
  • Installing Ruby on Rails
    • Installing on Windows
    • Installing on Linux
    • Installing NodeJS
    • Linux on Windows
    • IDE
    • API Documentation
  • Web Application in 5 Minutes (or Less)
    • Aling Nena’s Request
    • Creating the Application
    • Generating the Scaffolding
    • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Modifying the Application
    • Aling Nena’s Follow-Up
    • Rails Migrations
    • An Introduction to the Model-View-Controller Architecture
    • Modifying the Model
    • Modifying the Controller?
    • Modifying the View
  • Rails Applications Without Scaffold (part 1: Show and List)
    • The Plan
    • Viewing a Record
    • Adding a List Page
  • Rails Applications Without Scaffold (part 2: Delete and Search)
    • Deleting a Record
    • Adding a Search Screen
  • Rails Applications Without Scaffold (part 3: Insert and Update)
    • Creating a Record
    • Editing a Record
  • Rails Applications Without Scaffold (part 4: RESTFul Routes, Callbacks, Filters, and Layout)
    • Reduce Route Entries with Resource-Based Routing
    • Perform Actions While A Model is Saved using Callbacks
    • Limiting User Access with Filters and Authentication
    • Layouts and Rendering in the View
  • Associations
    • Migrations for Associations
    • Defining Associations in Models
    • One-to-One Relationships
    • One-to-Many Relationships
    • Many-to-many Relationships
  • Skimming through Rails
    • Rails Migrations
    • Active Record
    • Action Controller
    • Action View
    • Active Support Time Extensions
  • Ajax
    • Using jQuery with Rails
    • Turbolinks
  • Automated Testing with RSpec
    • Overview to Automated Testing
    • RSpec
    • Analysis of the Generated Specs
    • Test Driven Development with RSpec
    • More about Automated Testing
  • Deployment
    • Configuration
    • Internationalization
    • Deployment Options
    • Asset Pipeline
    • Rake

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