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Python Testing with unittest, nose, pytest


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Python Testing with unittest, nose, pytest

Efficient and effective testing using the 3 top python testing frameworks

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About the Book

  • writing your fisrt simple test
  • running all your tests, some of your tests, or just one, using command line options and discovery tools.
  • hooking up fixtures so you can have code run before, between, and after your tests.
  • working examples you can follow along with, with output.
  • much more..

I think this book will help you to:

  • minimize test writing time
  • minimize test debugging time
  • maximize production code writing time
  • minimize production code debugging time
  • get features done faster
  • rock at your job

I cover unittest, nose and pytest. 

If you need to test something with python, I know this book will save you time.

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Table of Contents

    • Introduction
  • unittest
    • unittest introduction
    • unittest fixtures
  • nose
    • nose introduction
    • nose support for unittest style fixtures
    • nose fixture reference
  • pytest
    • pytest introduction
    • pytest fixtures
    • pytest full support of unittest fixtures
    • pytest xUnit style fixtures
    • pytest fixtures easy example
    • pytest fixtures nuts and bolts
    • pytest session scoped fixtures

About the Author

I live in Portland, Oregon. 

I'm a lead software enginner for a pretty darn cool test an measurement company by day. 

I'm a husband and father by night and weekends (and lunch, I live really close to work).

And in the early morning, and late evening, I explore ways to make me better at my job. 

I'm passionate about quality, efficiency, and functional testing. 

I'm passionate about always getting better at my job.

All of the best bits I've picked up about more efficiently and effectively testing software, I'm pouring into pythonTesting.net.

And all of the best bits of that I've poured into this book.

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