Python For Everyday, Everyone, Every Task
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Python For Everyday, Everyone, Every Task

About the Book

Python for Everyday is a collection of everyday Python uses, useful for teachers and every Python fan.

About the Author

Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer
Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer

Long-time Python and Open Source specialist.

Table of Contents

    • Intro
      • Other writings
    • Home
      • Helping in the kichen
      • From garage to full script
      • Checking Pizza prices
      • TLDR: I named my first-born son with the help of a Python script.
      • Finding incomplete items for wedding
      • Finding the time taken for tasting meads
      • Chicken coop door control
      • House-hunting
      • Reading codes on all PCs
      • Wedding RSVP
      • Tracking inbox 0
      • Custom haveibeenpwned
      • Chatlogs
      • Learn a new word everyday
      • Desktop background based on weather
      • Disabling my network during dinner time
      • Saves some time opening websites
      • Choosing the right housing unit
      • Medication reminder
      • Adjusting IKEA blinds
      • Organizing boxes with QR codes
      • Organizing NSFW materials
      • Batch extraction of Zip files
      • Coffee making and alarm
      • Sending wife an email daily
      • Length from coordinate
      • Time remaining for next episode
      • u/2q2RS
    • Appearing Busy
      • Moving the mouse
      • Ticking volume
    • Apps
      • ASCII editor
      • Color picker
      • Own IDE
      • Quote app
      • Multi-protocol app
    • Pictures
      • Sending pictures to Google frame photos
      • Emailing a random picture to my mom everyday
      • Desktop wallpapers
      • iPhone backups
    • Scraping
      • File with links
      • tvdb scraper
      • Soundcloud
      • Aggregating news
      • Jobs
      • Data hoarding
    • Flights
      • Checking for airfare prices
      • Dialling until i got through
    • Money
      • Scanning bank transactions
      • Investment calculations
      • Credit-card transfers
      • Lottery check automation
      • Tracking bills
      • Tracking portfolio
      • Crypto earnings
      • Credit card statement aggregator for the entire family
      • Bank Python
      • Forensic accounting
    • Networking
      • Checking for active ports on switches
      • Updating DNS
      • Re-login on session expiry
      • Notified when networks fixed
    • Files
      • Redacting specific data fields
      • Manipulating DSLR files
      • Seeing duplicates
      • Moving files from GDrive to BunnyCDN
      • File sorting report
      • Choosing daycare
      • The nuke command
      • Reverse engineering file
      • Parallelize Pb of data
    • Social Media
      • Rejoin subreddits
      • Spotify wrapped ahead of time
      • Crossposting to FB and Twitter
      • Twitter bot
      • Correcting votes
      • Deleting all content of my Facebook profile
      • Posting to subreddit
      • Instagram comments
      • Responding to fb wall
      • Twitch bot
      • Mumble bot
    • Sound
      • Detect when sound mode changes
      • Edit podcast recording
      • itune playlist to CD
      • Vynyl recording
    • Stocks
      • Stockstir tracker
      • Downswing and upswing
    • Driving
      • Should i leave early?
      • Deer strikes
    • Remote control
      • TV remote
      • Console for Minecraft servers
    • Legal
      • Stopping stalking accusations dead in it’s track
    • Games
      • Sharing Stardew Valley screenshots
      • Hunting for shiny Pokemons
      • Making EVE online money
      • Dungeon name generator
      • Better hero draft
      • Picking game from steam
      • FFR ranks
      • Coding an autosave feature
      • Dependency tree
      • Mystery game by email
      • Stops mining to play game
      • Managing my baseball team
      • Ultima online skill gains
      • Bookkeeping for tabletop RPG game
    • Notify Me
      • Is my media server down?
      • My renders are complete
      • When there is an opportunity
      • Package status
      • Cheap rentals
    • School
      • Bisection method securing an A+
      • My college had no waitlist
      • Securing an A in photography test
      • Simulating ecology homework
      • Counting words
      • Perfect scores on Open long exams
      • Computational Physics
      • Nuclear missiles
      • Help with formatting
      • Reference gathering
    • Shopping
      • Gumtree deals
    • Sysadmin
      • Recovering usernames and passwords for crashed server
      • IP analyzer
      • Managing 8000 machines
      • Distributed phone system
    • IoT
      • Table fan
      • Helping in the kichen
      • From garage to full script
      • Chicken coop door control
      • Control radio transmitters
      • Controlling cocktail machine
    • Work
      • Tacking tasks
      • Writing NASA launch GUIs
      • Python saves
      • Controlling industrial robot
      • Tell me when i should go home
      • LaunchCode
      • Asterisk phone system
      • Work mix
      • Analysis app
      • Update pricing lists
      • The road to peak promotion
      • Saving 2D artists a lot of time
      • Saving a couple of $$$ for a small market TV station
      • Startup language of choice
      • Printers status
      • Finding abnormal orders
      • Picking where to lunch
      • Best settings for 3D forming machine
      • Aggregating GIS data for state gov
      • Ready-to-sign doc
      • Million dollars sales
      • Checking if broadcast chain has failed
      • Radar images into video for weather show
      • Fixing problem to deliver mails
      • Watching craiglist for jobs
      • Chemical plant script diplayed in kiosk mode
      • WFH status
      • Circuitry on paper
      • Recording neuron spikes
      • At the ATLAS experiment
      • Mass spectrometry data
      • Work for chip desgning company
      • Onboarding and offboarding employees
      • Migrating from one accounting system to another
      • Answering questions
      • Migrating university lectures
      • DevOps

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