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Last updated on 2015-11-19

About the Book

Learn Android Development – Create Apps That You Will Use

The best way to learn Android development is to create Android Apps and the Apps that are best suited for learning Android development are the apps that teach you several concepts at ounce.

If you are struggling with learning Android development, it is because you are learning different concepts in isolation. This book will provide you is a step by step guide to create a modern Android App. You will learn about many Android development concepts and most importantly you will see learn how those concepts are applied.

Through this hands on training you will learn the skills that you will use to create more Android Apps. Each chapter has a completed and tested source code. By completing this book you will have a functioning Android Notepad and Todo Item App that you can publish to the Play Store and use yourself!

These are some of the Android development skills that you will learn by completing this course.

  • Learn how to add Material Design Toolbar
  • Learn how to add Material Design Navigation Drawer
  • Learn how to create basic User Interface
  • Learn how to work with Fragments
  • Learn how to add Drag and Drop to RecyclerView
  • Learn how to serialize a Java object into a JSON String so you can pass it to the next Activity
  • Learn how to add a LinedEditText to your app
  • Learn how to add SQLite database with multiple tables
  • Learn how to add Content Provider with multiple tables
  • Learn how to use Content Resolver & Content Provider to perform CRUD operations
  • Learn how to use the Loader Framework & AsyncQueryHandler to perform data access that does not block the main thread.

If you are looking for practical course on learning the fundamentals of Android development then this book is for you. It is a perfect course for a new developer who has at least read the Android Application Fundamentals.

About the Editor

Val Okafor
Val Okafor

Val Okafor is a Software Engineer with expertise in Android development residing in sunny San Diego of California USA. He has over twelve years of industry experience and has worked for corporations such as Sony Electronics, The Home Depot, San Diego County and American Council on Exercise. Val earned his BSc in IT from National University, San Diego and Masters in Software Engineering from Regis University, Colorado. He is the creator and principal engineer of Pronto line of mobile apps including Pronto Diary, Pronto Invoice and Pronto Quotes.

His passion for software development goes beyond his skill and training, he also enjoys sharing his knowledge with other developers. He has taught Android development to over 5,000 students though Udemy, his blog is considered an essential reading for Android developers. Val is also recently named among the first cohort of Realm MVP program because of his active participation in the Realm database community.

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1 - Project Creation
    • Book Structure
    • Source Code
    • Create New Project
    • Create Open Fragment Method
    • Chapter Review
  • Chapter 2 - User Interface
    • Material Design Toolbar
    • Material Design Navigation Drawer
    • Add Floating Action Button
    • Add Plain Editor User Interface
    • Add Holo Style to EditText
    • Add LinedEditText Editor User Interface
    • Chapter Review
  • Chapter 3 - RecyclerView & Adapter
    • Add RecyclerView Layout File
    • Add RecyclerView Adapters
    • Implement Java Code for Note List RecyclerView
    • Add Empty Text
    • Add Todo List Custom Row Layout
    • Add Todo List Item Adapter
    • Implement Todo RecyclerView Java Code
    • Sample Data
    • Implement Drag and Drop
    • Handle List Item Selected
    • Chapter Review
  • Chapter 4 - Add SQLite Database
    • Introduction to SQLite
    • SQLite in Android
    • How to Create Android SQLite Database?
    • Create SQLite Database
    • Create Note Table
    • Create Todo Item Table
    • Create Category Table
    • Chapter Review
  • Chapter 5 - Add Content Provider
    • Introduction to Content Provider
    • Introduction to ContentResolver
    • Create Content Provider
    • Chapter Review
  • Chapter 6 - Data Access Object
    • Implement Create Methods
    • Implement Read Methods
    • Implement Update Methods
    • Implement Delete Methods
    • Chapter Review
  • Chapter 7 - Note Business Logic
    • Create New Note
    • Display Note From Database
    • Implement Update Existing Note
    • Implement Delete Note
    • Implement Share Note
    • Implement Choose Category
    • Chapter Review

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