PL-300 Practice Tests (Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst)
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PL-300 Practice Tests (Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst)

Microsoft Power BI | In-depth Explanations | Supported by Product Images

About the Book

Pass the PL300 Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst exam.

The entire question bank is peer-reviewed every three months to make sure they are exam-relevant (see below for course updates). The question bank is built keeping in mind the objectives of the newly released exam PL-300


The PL-300 / DA-100 Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst Practice Test course offers the following features:

a. 150+ well-researched questions (More to come in the coming weeks).

b. Lucid explanations for both correct & incorrect answers.

c. Supporting visuals created by me to drive better understanding (Not taken from Microsoft documentation)

d. Explanations run parallel to the product. Every detailed explanation has corroborating evidence with the Microsoft product (like Power BI Desktop or Power BI service) shown in the form of screenshots and clear callouts.

e. Reference links not just for the correct answer but also the incorrect answers.

f. I love to help you succeed. If you need to discuss, we have an Active Q&A dashboard and expect very fast responses (save for my sleeping hours, which is generally less).

g. Explanations are NOT directly copied from Microsoft documentation. I have rephrased all the reasoning in a simple and easy-to-understand language.

h. I have tried to simulate the actual Microsoft exam experience for you in the form of drag-and-drop questions, dropdown questions, multiple yes/no questions with a radio button, etc.

i. Don't worry about inaccurate sentence framing/wrong grammar/incorrect punctuations. I use Grammarly to review every question.

j. Almost non-existent repetition of questions just to increase the question count.

k. For some questions, you may have to go searching for answers in the given reference link. A Quick Preview feature shows a screenshot of the relevant paragraph to which the correct answer refers.

l. Of course, don't take my word. Go to my website and review the FREE PL-300 sample questions before purchasing.

m. No step-motherly treatment of incorrect answer choices. I have made enough effort to explain the rationale for each answer choice (whether correct/wrong).

Feel free to connect with me through my website for any issues/questions.

Note: PL-300 (released on February 28, 2022) is the new exam for the earlier exam DA-100. Both are Power BI exams, just that DA-100 will no longer be available from March 31, 2022.

The questions are collected from a variety of domains and sub-domains with extra care taken to equal attention to each exam area. Also, the questions are on different levels.

For example:

  1. Remember-level questions test whether you can recall memorized facts, & basic concepts.
  2. Understand-level questions validate whether you can explain the meanings of terms, & concepts.
  3. Application-level questions test whether you can perform tasks using facts, concepts, & techniques, and,
  4. Analysis-level questions validate whether you can diagnose situations & solve problems with concepts & techniques.

A mixture of questions at different levels reinforces your knowledge and prepares you to ace the exam.

These are the exam domains covered in the practice test:

  • Prepare the data (15-20%)
  • Model the data (30-35%)
  • Visualize and analyze the data (25-30%)
  • Deploy and maintain assets (20-25%)

About the Author

Ravikiran Srinivasulu
Ravikiran Srinivasulu


Whether learning science from childhood or tech in professional life, I feel a sense of contentment to go beyond the what into the how and why of things.

This curiosity helped me realize I could be a good instructor/explainer.

So, all my courses go beyond the cliched tarmac: They are in-depth, layered, visually enriching, scenario-based, practically oriented, grammatically correct, and fun.

Presenting myself, Ravikiran Srinivasulu, Microsoft certified, data and cloud consultant.

Table of Contents

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