Physics II lab book
Physics II lab book
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Physics II lab book

Last updated on 2016-09-23

About the Book

Lab manual for High School students or for College non-scien ce majors.I tried to suggest providers for the materials but it is up to the readers.

About the Author

Dr. Veronique Lankar
Dr. Veronique Lankar

Dr. Veronique Lankar

Table of Contents

Circuits – basics –---------------------------------------------------------2

Batteries – lemon battery ----------------------------------------------10

Electric field---------------------------------------------------------------17

How to measure voltage and current – potentiometer –---------23

Ohms law and breakdown of Ohms law –--------------------------32

Circuit in series – Kirchhoff law for voltage------------------------40

circuit in parallel – Kirchhoff law for current----------------------48

AC voltage and the oscilloscope------------------------ --------------54

The capacitor –-----------------------------------------------------------59

Standing waves –---------------------------------------------------------67

Speed of sound-----------------------------------------------------------73

Introduction to optics - lenses -mirrors-----------------------------76

Reflection and refraction----------------------------------------------82

The refractive telescope----------------–------------------------------90

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