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Our publisher program is simple: For any new book created by a publisher the price is $99 per book. Our publisher program helps forward-thinking publishers like TidBITS Publishing easily produce dozens of professional ebooks using Leanpub’s simple, proven workflow. Publishers own their ebooks and can sell them wherever they wish. If a publisher chooses to use the Leanpub storefront, we pay 80% in revenue per sale. Using Leanpub for ebook production is a pragmatic choice, like using a third-party printing press for print book production or using AWS for web hosting.

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  • Publish PDF, EPUB and MOBI versions of your books with the click of a button.
  • Use our unique storefront, your own sales channels or both.
  • Test book projects with targeted pre-publication landing pages.
  • Publish books while they're still works in progress to start building readership earlier.
  • Release book updates and edits to existing readers with one click.
  • Collaborate easily with multiple contributors.
  • Efficiently integrate ebook publishing with your existing print workflow.
  • Earn 80% royalties on every sale and experiment with our variable pricing model.
  • Participate now and help us build the ebook workflow that you really need.

At Leanpub, we've started building the best platform for publishers to publish and sell ebooks.

So far, we've built a great way for individual authors to publish their ebooks while they're still works in progress, so they can interact with readers and build a following even before their books are complete. That's part of what Lean Publishing is all about.

Now, we're taking our Lean Publishing workflow and expanding it to support publishers like you, so you can integrate the latest ebook publishing methods into your existing print publishing workflow.

If you want more information, we'd love to chat. We genuinely want to know what you need from your ideal ebook publishing platform, so we're evolving this program with feedback from publishers. If you sign up now, you'll have a real impact on the publishing platform we're developing.

If you sell in the Leanpub storefront, you earn 80% per book sale in revenue. You are responsible for remitting royalties to your authors based on this amount based on your contract with your authors. Leanpub does not handle splitting of royalties and remitting royalties to authors for you.

Please don't hesitate to contact Len Epp, our head of customer development at