not the architect but the… by Peter Bakker [PDF/iPad/Kindle]
not the architect but the audience is the hero
not the architect but the audience is the hero
not the architect but the audience is the hero

Last updated on 2013-05-22

About the Book

“My father sits the whole day behind his laptop”

That’s what my 12-year old daughter Amber wrote when she had to fill in my profession on some school form. When my wife showed it to me I knew it was time to fulfill an old dream: write a book! Not a comic book or a detective as in my original dreams but a short book about what I'm doing behind my laptop (or laptop or smartphone): baking simple maps in the spirit of Harry Beck’s Underground Map.

Peter Bakker (@mapbakery), Alkmaar (The Netherlands), 2013

Unfortunately it is not possible to create the book with Leanpub as I want it to be so I decided to share it as a work in progress as Mapbakery on Google Drive

About the Author

Peter Bakker
Peter Bakker

Married, father of three great kids and proud to have inherited some mapmaking genes :-)

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