Nonlinear Living
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Nonlinear Living

Surrendering to a Higher Power

About the Book

Nonlinear Living is about going with the flow of life.

The master said to go with the flow. But he didn’t say with which flow to go.

Life has many journeys. We have a decision points every second of the day. Our choices determine our future.

Our choices determine who we’ll meet. They determine how we’ll feel.

The choices determine if we’ll struggle or live with ease.

But how do we know?

Well maybe there is no such thing as a best choice. But some choices are better than others.

And each choice opens and closes doors to other choices.

How do we deal with all this?

It’s simple. Get yourself into a happier state. That is a yardstick for making choices. However, it’s not for the pleasure of the moment. It’s for making decisions that help you in the long term.

Do we need to keep fixing ourselves?

Do we need to keep fixing the world around us?

Do we need to keep struggling?

Maybe we can change the way we look at things.

When you change way you look at things, the things you look at change. — Wayne Dyer

Use The Force, Luke. — Obi-Wan Kenobi

This book started with a collection of my blog posts. And it’s building upon that. If you’re familiar with my blog,, you know that it’s dedicated to raising consciousness and helping you lead a happier life.

Eventually this book will totally replace the blog. I’ll be closing down the blog and forward all traffic to my bookstore.

One of the great thing about ebooks is that the author can update the books frequently. After you purchase any of these ebooks, I’ll send you an email notifying you of the update. You can get the update for free.

This is a new journey for all of us.

Come join me.

Your friend,

Jim Kitzmiller

About the Author

Jim Kitzmiller
Jim Kitzmiller

Jim Kitzmiller empowers joy, creativity, and productivity both in corporate settings and private retreats.

He is a systems architect, a software developer, and an author.

With decades of experience in the computer industry, Jim has repeatedly found simple solutions to complex problems.

Simple solutions save clients enormous amounts of time and money.

This ability to identify simple solutions also applies to the self-help / personal development area. Simple solutions, working at the essence of beingness, can save decades of struggle and vast sums of money.

Jim’s guided meditations on YouTube and his blog have had well over a million views and have brought countless heartfelt testimonials filled with gratitude.

Table of Contents

    • The Book Cover
    • Foreword
    • Prayer of Surrender
    • Testimonials
    • Formatting Conventions
    • Work in Progress
      • Link Problem
    • Revisions
      • August 1, 2013
      • July 26, 2013
  • I Overview
    • 1. The Age of Love
    • 2. Formatting Conventions
    • 3. Levels of Consciousness
    • 4. Levels of Consciousness - A Different Look
    • 5. Beyond Cause and Effect
    • 6. The Nonlinear World
    • 7. Meditation and the Hamster Wheel of Life
    • 8. My Blog
  • II My Consciousness Explorations
    • 9. List of My Consciousness Explorations
    • 10. Transformational Breathing
    • 11. Scientology and Dianetics
    • 12. The Avatar Course Lineup
    • 13. The One Minute Sabbatical
    • 14. If You’re Bummed Out
    • 15. Four Steps to Handle Overwhelm - Orchestrating Silence and Activity
    • 16. How to Live in an Accelerating World
    • 17. Handling Multi-Dimensional Clutter
      • The calm in the eye of the storm
    • 18. Freedom from Stuff
    • 19. Related Issues
    • 20. Abraham-Hicks Exercises
        • Once you’ve risen …
    • 21. Deliberate Thanks Giving for Personal Happiness
    • 22. Mental Churning and the Difficult Person
    • 23. Positive Thinking - Is it really that positive?
    • 24. Productivity vs. Inner Peace
    • 25. Host Your Own Private Retreat - God’s Unconditional Love
    • 26. Beyond Self-Discipline: How to Create Success, Self-Confidence, and Self-Esteem
    • 27. Self-Esteem - Recognizing Your Own Value
      • How to Recognize Your Own Value
      • Giving Your self Approval
    • 28. Self-Expression Benefits
      • Self-Expression, Creativity, and Emotions
    • 29. The Structure of Suffering & Duality - How to Live In Inner Peace
    • 30. Gems of Wisdom
      • Are You Feeling Off Track?
      • Beauty - Perceive It to Create It
      • Blissercise Book
      • Bliss Writing - A Prayer of Gratitude and a Gift to the World
      • Bridging the Realms of Form and Essence
      • Diet and Empowerment
      • Divine Inspiration
      • Expressing Gratitude and Creativity
      • Expressing Gratitude and Feeling Good
      • Feelings, Separation, and Oneness
      • Finding Unconditional Love
      • Flow of Life
      • Getting A Life By Observing With Love
      • Goals, Problems, and John Lennon
      • Inviting God to Work Through Us
      • God Zone
      • Good, Bad, Better, and Best
      • Happiness and The Ultimate Simplicity - Surrender to God
      • Instrument of God’s Love
      • Is Life Fair? What’s My Responsibility?
      • Your Unbirthday
      • Let Go and Let God - Divine Creativity
      • Letting Go and Infinite Freedom
      • Living and Loving
      • Love is Everywhere
      • Loving Music for Happiness and Rewriting the Past
      • Observing, Feelings, Love, And Serenity
      • Observing Other People’s Beliefs About Us
      • Observing Possessions with Love
      • Observing the Mind
      • Observing with Love
      • Opening the Door to God
      • Opportunities Can Be Fun
      • Our Highest Role As Spiritual Beings
      • Self Observation and Oneness
      • Surrendering to God and Energy
      • The Ultimate Creativity
    • 31. Oneness - Lifting The Veil of Impressions
    • 32. Creativity and Communication
    • 33. The Truth - Imagine That
    • 34. The Value of a Daily Routine
    • 35. Video: Welcoming My Feelings - All of Them
    • 36. What I Do While Lying Awake
    • 37. What Should I Say About My Health?
    • 38. Write a Novel in November
    • 39. Meditation in Isolation
    • 40. Joyful, reinforced discovery spawns learning and creativity
    • 41. The Spirit World
  • III Letting Go and Stream of Consciousness
    • 42. Devotional Writing
    • 43. Prayer and Gratitude at the Keyboard
    • 44. Writing to Let Go of Complexity
    • 45. Writing to Feel Better
    • 46. What is Bliss Writing?
    • 47. Why Blissercises™ Work So Well
  • IV Nonlinear Living
    • 48. The Power of Intention – The Biggie
    • 49. Perfect Self Meditation
      • Misguided intention
    • 50. The Downside of Simplicity
      • The $10,000 Tuna Fish Sandwich
      • Spiritual Entertainment
    • 51. Videos: Letting Go and Letting It Flow
    • 52. Work - A Masterpiece of Joy, Love, and Art
    • About Jim
    • Open Heart Surgery and Spiritual Living
      • Burying My Head in the Sand
    • Contact Jim

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