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A Misplaced Displaced Geek

A Misplaced Displaced Geek

From the US to Zimbabwe and Back

A Misplaced Displaced Geek Edit


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About the Book

This book documents nearly two years of our life transitioning from Ankeny, Iowa, USA to Harare, Zimbabwe, Africa and back to the US again. Knowing that we were transitioning from a first-world, middle-class lifestyle to a third-world country with varieties of unknown elements, the purpose of the book was originally to document raw emotions, observations and thoughts along the journey for the purposes of analyzing how we transition, why we transition the way we do and what it looks like along the way. In reality, while we had traveled internationally many times before we fast learned the difference between traveling overseas and living overseas.

We believed we were reasonably intelligent people and prepared for most. We were naive.

This journey proved to be the hardest and best two years of our lives to date. Zimbabwe taught us the difference between 'desire' and 'need', brought us closer as a family, showed us more plainly who we really are and helped us strengthen our love of home country while opening our eyes to the world including the harsh realities of country formation, leaders, politics and poverty.

While this book does not document every single day, it documents various high and low points along the journey which crafted this family's experiences, outlook and personalities.

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