The Roots of the Mino ware Renaissance [Article]
The Roots of the Mino ware Renaissance [Article]
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The Roots of the Mino ware Renaissance [Article]

Last updated on 2019-01-26

About the Book

This article is based on dozens of interviews with Sokei Aoyama, a master potter located in what was once called the Province of Mino in Japan. Master Aoyama has spent his life trying to reproduce local pottery using ancient techniques. He argues that the famous Mino ware from the Momoyama period, in spite of what appear to have been radically new, organic styles such as Shino and Oribe, were born out of a much longer process. This is a story largely unknown in the West with some unexpected twists.

About the Author

Hans O. Karlsson
Hans O. Karlsson

Old Japan Hand and VR techno nerd in Japan. Writer, producer, CTO of Mimir - a VR company.

About the Contributors

Sokei Aoyama
Sokei Aoyama

Master Potter

Sokei Aoyama is a potter based in Tajimi, Gifu Prefecture, Japan, who has dedicated his life the the reproduction of ancient ceramic techniques in Japan

Table of Contents

    • Introduction
    • An Idea Frozen in Time
    • A Trace Leading Across the Sea
    • Times of Turmoil
    • In Search of the Essence of the Potter’s Wheel
    • Before the Renaissance, there was splendid evolution
    • Notes
    • Images

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