Memory Training
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Memory Training

Classic and Modern Techniques to Improve Your Memory

About the Book

Research in memory psychology shows that it is possible to improve your memory performance in specific areas by applying memory techniques. We explain a number of systems starting with class and simple techniques you can learn in minutes to more sophisticated ones that take longer to master.

About the Author

Jaap Murre
Jaap Murre

I am Professor of Theoretical Neuropsychology at the University of Amsterdam studying memory and the brain. I often use neural network models to help understand how the brain works. I like programming and have created several systems for simulation and experimentation. Over the past years we have also conducted many experiments on learning and forgetting, both in the lab and via the Internet.

Table of Contents

  • Memory Training
    • Basic mnemonics
    • Peg mnemonics
    • Advanced mnemonics
    • Applications
    • Elaboration and the Keyword Mnemonic
    • In short
  • Association
    • In short
  • The Link and Story System
    • The Link System
    • In short
    • The Story System
  • The Loci and Journey System
    • The Loci System
    • The Journey System
  • Rhyming pegs and shape pegs
    • Description of the rhyming peg mnemonic
    • Step 1: Learn rhyming peg words for the numbers 1 to 10
    • Step 2: Apply the system to remember a shopping list
    • Step 3: Mental filing with rhyme pegs
    • Shape peg mnemonic

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