Testing Applications… by Gábor László Hajba [PDF/iPad/Kindle]
Testing Applications with the Robot Framework
Testing Applications with the Robot Framework


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Testing Applications with the Robot Framework

Last updated on 2015-09-05

About the Book

Automated testing is something you will definitely need for your application to enable continuous delivery and deployment. In this book I will introduce you to the Robot Framework which aids this goal.

We will take a look at following topics:

  • General introduction.
  • Different styles to write your tests.
  • Executing tests in Python (and PyPy), Java (Jython) and .NET (IronPython).
  • Integration with CI tools (Jenkins, Travis, TeamCity).
  • Report generation and customization.
  • Examples (testing web applications with or without user interfaces, desktop applications, scripts).

If you miss something from the book feel free to write me and I will try to add it to the book as soon as possible.

About the Author

Gábor László Hajba
Gábor László Hajba

Gabor Laszlo Hajba is IT Consultant with a core competence of Java and Python. As the CEO of the JaPy Szoftver Kft in Sopron, Hungary he is responsible for designing and developing customer needs in the enterprise software world. Beside this he holds workshops about Java 8 and Java Enterprise Edition.

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