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Last updated on 2018-12-07

About the Book

What is love? Many songs have been written about L.O.V.E. The whole world turns around on love. Amour, Te Amour, Je t’aime, I love you. There are so many ways to say it and countless ways to express it. Love is deep, but love can be shallow too. Love is sweet never bitter. Love is holy never perverted. Lovewins reviews relationship through the biblical standards set in God's Word. Whether you are single, married, divorce or part of the LGBT community, you can come to know and understand for yourself what God wants and says about love, sex, and relationships. Love wins when you give love a chance, and especially when you start to grasp the moral codes, that enables you to enjoy healthy (sexual) relationships and true love. Because man often follows his own natural instincts, God's had to set standards and guidelines for keeping and guarding oneself in a world prone to decay and rebellion against his laws of restriction, but life in the end. From the fall of innocence back to the restoration of holiness, Lovewins explores the practical side of God’s word to overcome the temptations everyone faces. You are not your own, but you are his, bought with a price. Lovewins is full of scriptural wisdom, poetic drama, and common sense. Finally, it shows the heart of God and the grace of Jesus to deliver men and woman from a life of sexual immorality and certain death, as depicted in John 8. Here you will find the Master in love and law, showing mercy when the law had every right to punish.

About the Author

André Cronje
Andre Cronje

Andre is a South African born French Huguenot, and a Conceptual Artist living in Paris, whose literature and art, exhibits his love, hope, and faith in the living God. And like a potter molding his clay, so he shapes and forms his thoughts on various topics, often poetic and sometimes dramatic. His sincerely desires for his audience to experience for themselves the abundant life, love and peace he found in Jesus Christ who died, and rose again, and to love God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength.

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