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Last updated on 2017-12-25

About the Book

Lovewins looks at the relationship issues that face our society today through biblical standards set in God's Word. From the fall of innocence, back to the restoration of holiness with God. Lovewins also explores practical ways how you can love your neighbor and your enemies, as Jesus commanded you. You are not your own, but you are his bought with a price. It is full of scripture and common sense to be salt and light. My viewpoint is influenced by the passage in John 8 which I believe was the transferring of covenants from law to grace. Here we find Jesus confronted by Moses who points to the law without mercy before Christ the Lamb of God who was slain before the foundations of the world. But God did not send him to condemn the world but that the world through him might be saved. He taught men to obey but also to love and to show mercy. Confronted with men and an adulterous on death row, what would be his response? #Lovewins.

Table of Contents

  • Cheaters
  • Two stones, one woman.
  • Rooms fit for kings and queens
  • Four Seasons and Five Stars
  • The perfect rainbow cake
  • A wedding without flowers
  • Porn-no-more
  • Victory has great rewards
  • The good wife
  • Single or married
  • Songs of Solomon
  • You are special
  • Lasting relationships
  • Love is better than wine
  • True love

About the Author

Andre Cronje
Andre Cronje

Andre is an Expressionist, praying for Sunshine in Paris. His Art and Writings strongly reflect on his new found love, hope and faith in God. Like a potter molds his clay, so he shapes and forms his thoughts on a variety of topics, often poetic, and sometimes dramatic. He desires to influence his audience to experience for themselves the love, peace, and joy he found in Jesus Christ who died and rose again. Come visit

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