Let's Talk Business


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Let's Talk Business

Stuff Your Boss Wishes You Knew

About the Book

This book is retired. Read this article to find out why, and what it's been replaced with.

Most of us work for a living, right? And that means most of us work, if not for a commercial business, than for some organization that conducts itself in a businesslike manner. Unfortunately, that means too many of us are playing a game where we not only don't know the rules, we don't even know the point of the game or how to tell when we've won or lost. Look: businesses can be complex, opaque things a lot of the time, but understanding some key points can not only help you be more successful in your career, it can help you be happier when you wake up and go to work every day.

Over the years, I've had to learn a lot about working in businesses, helping to manage those businesses, running those businesses, and more. I've worked with business managers and leaders, and heard their comments on what they wished their employees knew. So why keep all that a secret? I've written dozens of books, and have earned a reputation as a straight-talking, plain-English kind of writer, and I'm bringing that voice to the world of business. I truly believe that, by understanding some of the under-the-hood realities of business, anyone can at least feel they're living in a world of basic rules and sense, not random chaos. And for those who are interested, I also believe that embracing the basic physics of business can lead to a more successful and satisfying career.

Let's Talk Business isn't a business self-help book. It's not necessarily going to make you a better person. But it will help you understand why businesses are the way they are, teach you how to analyze and understand the specifics of the business that you work for, and show you how you and your employer can become a better fit for each other in the long run.

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About the Author

Don Jones
Don Jones

Don Jones has been in the IT industry since the mid 1990s, and has been a recipient of Microsoft's "Most Valuable Professional" Award since 2003. He's a co-founder of PowerShell.org and The DevOps Collective, and a Curriculum Director for online video training company Pluralsight. Don authored some of the first books ever published for Windows PowerShell, and is the co-author of Learn Windows PowerShell in a Month of Lunches, the bestselling entry-level book for PowerShell. Don's a sought-after speaker at technology conferences like Microsoft Ignite, TechMentor, and many more. In 2014, Don started writing fiction in the sci-fi and fantasy genres, and had produced several notable novels, including The Never: A Tale of Peter and the Fae, The Achillios Chronicles trilogy (Alabaster, Onyx, and Verdant), and Daniel Scratch: A Story of Witchkind. You can find him on Twitter @concentratedDon, or on his website, DonJones.com. 

Don Jones

Episode 38

Table of Contents

    • Introduction
  • Part 1: Know Your Business
    • Businesses Are People, Too
    • How Businesses Really Make Money
    • What Does Your Business Sell?
      • A Problem of Perspective
      • Terri’s International Bulbs
      • Martin’s Theme Parks
      • Pat’s Fruity Clothing
      • Know the Details
    • Understanding Risk
    • Love the One You’re With
  • Part 2: Running a Business
    • OKRs, Rocks, and Pebbles
      • Rocks ‘N’ Pebbles
      • OKRs
      • Priorities, Priorities
    • Opportunity Cost
    • Good, Better, Best
    • It Isn’t Personal
    • Time Is Money
    • Making Mistakes Positive
    • Be Data Driven
    • Negotiating
  • Part 3: Business Mathematics
    • Fully Loaded Salaries and Recordkeeping
    • Reading a P&L
    • Understanding Averages
    • Selling It
  • Part 4: The Part About People
    • A Measured Response
    • Communicating
    • One Team
  • Part 5: Business Terminology
    • Functions, Processes, Services, and Capabilities
  • Conclusion

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