Learning Markdown by Scott Nesbitt [Leanpub PDF/iPad/Kindle]
Learning Markdown
Learning Markdown


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Learning Markdown

Last updated on 2015-11-15

About the Book

Whether you realize it or not, you write for the web. You might be a journalist, a content strategist, a technical writer, a copywriter, a blogger, or even a software developer. Your thoughts and ideas, in written form, probably find their way on to the web in one way or another.

At it’s core, most of what you find on the web is formatted with something called HTML (short for HyperText Markup Language). HTML tells a web browser how to display a web page and all the various bits and pieces on that page — things like headings, lists, images, and text. It does that using tags. Tags tell the web browser what, for example, is a paragraph or a heading or a list on a page.

A better and more efficient way of formatting documents for the web is Markdown. What’s Markdown? It’s a lightweight language that uses keyboard symbols to add formatting to web pages and documents.

Learning Markdown teaches you how to quickly format your writing for the web. You’ll learn what I believe is the most efficient way to use Markdown. And unlike the various cheatsheets available online, this book explains the how and the why of using Markdown.

Learning Markdown takes you from the beginning — how to set up a page, how to format text, work with images and links and lists, and more. Each chapter ends with an exercise that gets you to use and build on what you’ve learned.

About the Author

Scott Nesbitt
Scott Nesbitt

Author. Editor. Blogger. Soldier of fortune. Ocelot wrangler. Writing coach. Husband and father. Collector of pottery. I’m a few of these things. Mainly, I write stories - most of them true - from my base in Auckland, New Zealand.

You can learn more about me and what I do at scottnesbitt.me.

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