Layered Applique by Ruth Blanchet [Leanpub PDF/iPad/Kindle]
Layered Applique
Layered Applique
Layered Applique

Last updated on 2012-05-26

About the Book

Traditional appliqué begins with a background fabric and adds shapes to the surface to create a design. The background is cut away beneath the shapes to give you a smooth surface. Ruth throws that idea out the window in this modern approach to creating fabric pictures. You will learn to add layers on top of each other, trimming some away to create the illusion of depth and leaving others to promote dimensionality. The multi-colored grapes are stacked one on top of another as they would be in a real cluster. Topstitching and heavy quilting contribute to the overall effect of perspective and shading. You can make the design as shown or alter it to reflect your own vision. Level: Intermediate.

About the Author

Ruth Blanchet
Ruth Blanchet

Ruth enjoys sharing her work and ideas with others who show similar interests. She holds a certificate in Dressmaking, Pattern Cutting and Design and gained qualifications in Adult teaching. Her passion is writing, teaching and designing. She has created famous quilts for successful companies throughout the industry. Her quilt designs are in demand due to the simplicity of her detailed instructions and the beautiful quality of these that are sold over the internet.

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