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Kings and Queens
Kings and Queens
Kings and Queens

Last updated on 2017-02-03

About the Book

All men are reputed as nothing for God does according to His will in the army of heaven and among the peoples of the earth, and none can stay His hand or challenge Him.  The Lord's throne is in the heavens and His kingdom rules over all. One of the most shocking picture I ever saw was that of the Turkish President slapping Lady Justice through the face.  A double injustice of violence against the very thing and ones he was elected to serve, love and to protect.

Leaders and Lawyers are God's scepter on earth and has the God given duty and responsibility to establish and secure both the moral and political laws to bring forth safety and security to all citizens seeking peace and justice.  

About the Author

Andre Cronje

a Friend once told me that he was born again. i didn't know what he meant, but when he said that to me, i immediately felt a cut in my heart. I knew from that very moment, that i wanted what he had, but i did not know what it was. I decided to go and visit my friend and hang out, but for the next few weeks I could not find him, until one sunday night. I attended church with my mother and found much more than what I expected. It was a devine appointment with God and his son Jesus who made me born again through faith, believing in Him. Ever since that day I was filled with his Spirit and the joy of His salvation. Jesus saved me. He will save you too, and forgive all of your sins, for which he was punished on that cross. Without Christ my friend, you will die and God's anger will judge and destroy the wicked. The penalty of sin is death but the free gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ. Ask jesus now if you want to be born again and forgiven. You need his love and peace. He came to save sinners and make them saints. God is love and his love is for evryone who wants truth and God's light in them. Thank you Father for Jesus Christ your son who now lives in me and has forgiven me. I am a new creation old things has passed away. I am born again washed in his blood which was shed in my place. amen.

Numerous are the thoughts I think about God. How awesome and terrible is the Most High. His greatness can be seen in all creation. His wonders displayed in all the earth. What is His name and what is the name of His son? How lovely is his name? And how excellent is our God and perfect in love? Holy, holy, holy is Adonai JHVH. I will publish the name of the Lord and ascribe greatness to the God of heaven and earth.. He is my Rock, and his work is perfect and all his ways are judgment. A God of truth, justice and right is He.

 Please visit my online pages and websites etc for more info on vision. You may also bless me in these projects with your financial gift at PayPal.Me/andrecronje. Thanks be to our God.

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