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Last updated on 2019-03-10

About the Book

Kings and Queens - This is a book for Kings and Queens, for the king's servants, and for the queen's loyal subjects. Leaders, Lawyers, and Lawmen, all are God's scepter on earth and has the God-given duty and responsibility to establish and secure moral and political laws to establish safety and security to all citizens seeking peace and justice.

About the Author

André Cronje
Andre Cronje

André is a South African born French Huguenot Conceptual Artist and Writer living in Paris, whose literature and art exhibits his life, love, and joy he has found in Jesus Christ and in his loving Father. And like a potter molding his clay, so he shapes and forms his thoughts on issues, often poetic and sometimes dramatic. His sincere desire for his audience is to experience for themselves the hope and peace one can have through faith in Christ.

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