Your Journey to Career Bliss: The Three Gifts
Your Journey to Career Bliss: The Three Gifts


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Your Journey to Career Bliss: The Three Gifts

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About the Book

When work is the thing that you have to do, the real you gets left at the threshold of what you do for work. This thinking is the source of the greatest human pain and peril of our modern times. The Three Gifts begins the transformation of your relationship to work by offering insight that is both practical and magical for your career journey.

"Sabrina is intuitive and profound. Her excellent book is sometimes ethereal. Often curious. At times challenging. Always supportive and considered."

- David Shindler, Author of Learning to Leap & Founder of the Employability Hub

About the Author

Sabrina Ali
Sabrina Ali

Sabrina Ali is a Career Counselor secializing in working with professionals and executives. Located on Vancouver Island, Canada she works with clients from around the world.

Table of Contents

    • Why these words were written.
    • This isn’t an introduction. It’s an invitation.
    • The first task.
    • Beginnings.
    • How to benefit from this book.
  • Part 1: the gift of truth
    • You are the hero of your own life.
    • Truth is alignment.
    • Bliss is not nice.
    • Can anyone know the truth?
    • The confusing truth.
    • Socialization doesn’t make us truthful.
    • The pitfalls of truth telling.
    • The truth you fear.
    • Your life is your stage.
    • Clues that there’s more truth to share.
    • Your own real voice.
    • Your intention speaks.
    • Acceptance for why you lied.
    • The levels of truth.
    • Why your truth seems embarrassing.
    • Truth beyond the self-concept.
    • Why you lie to yourself.
    • Past hurt shows up in your present job.
    • To live truthfully is to live like you matter.
    • Is your life worth the truth?
    • Strategies for a more truthful existence.
    • Apprenticing with the gift of truth.
  • Part 2: the gift of empathy
    • The influence of empathy.
    • The mistaken identities of empathy.
    • Empathy begins the real conversation.
    • Empathy is the connection you seek.
    • Learning about how you listen.
    • Technical vs. intuitive empathy.
    • How truth and empathy collaborate.
    • Signs you desire deeper listening.
    • Listening is the gift.
    • The practice of practicing empathy.
    • Honoring experiences creates safety.
    • Your deepest and real self.
    • Empathy is accuracy of imagination.
    • Apprenticing with the gift of empathy.

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