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Functional Reactive Programming on iOS

Functional Reactive Programming on iOS

Functional reactive programming introduction using ReactiveCocoa

Ever wanted to learn about functional programming, but didn't know where to start? Grab this book to learn about applied, real-world use of functional reactive programming with Objective-C using ReactiveCocoa.
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About the Book

1. Functional Philosophy

Before we can talk about Functional Reactive Programming on iOS, we need to deconstruct it into its two fundamental philosophies: functional programming married with reactive programming. 

2. Introducing RXCollections

In order to dip readers feet into the water, we're going to discuss RXCollections' map, filter, and fold functions. By showing the user these functions, we hope to impart them with the notion that we should not be worried about how they work, but rather what they do. 

3. ReactiveCocoa

In this chapter, we'll show how we can apply the same approaches from RXCollections using arrays as sequences. This introduces the concept of a signal and a stream.

4. Gluing it Together

Here's where things get interesting. We're going to guide the user through the process of writing a basic 500px iPhone app using the SDK I wrote for them. The SDK uses a standard Cocoa approach, and with it, we'll show how we can glue together standard Cocoa code into an app built using RAC. This demonstrates how to properly use subjects.

5. MVVM on iOS

This chapter introduces the Model-View-ViewModel paradigm and explains how it's useful on iOS. A front end to the application written in the previous chapter is written in order to show how MVVM works with ReactiveCocoa and increases the testability of iOS apps. While writing the view model, we'll demonstrate how to use commands appropriately. 

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Table of Contents

    • Acknowledgements
  • Philosophy
    • Functional Reactive Programming
    • Conclusion
  • Functional Programming with RXCollections
    • Higher-Order Functions
    • Installing RXCollections
    • Map
    • Filter
    • Fold
    • Performance
    • Conclusion
  • Introduction to ReactiveCocoa
    • Installing ReactiveCocoa
    • Streams and Sequences
    • Signals
    • Subscriptions
    • Deriving State
    • Commands
    • RACSubject
    • Hot and Cold Signals
    • Multicasting
    • Conclusion
  • ReactiveCocoa in Practice
    • Basics of FunctionalReactivePixels
    • Adding to FunctionalReactivePixels
    • Revisiting FunctionalReactivePixels
    • Network Layer Revisited
    • Conclusion
  • Model View View-Model on iOS
    • What is MVVM?
    • Revisiting Functional Reactive Pixels
    • MVVM in Practice
    • Testing View Models
    • Final Thoughts

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