HR and the Agile Organization
HR and the Agile Organization
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HR and the Agile Organization

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About the Book

The HR department supports the creation and nurturing of a truly adaptive, agile and happy organization, from hiring the right people to shaping the culture through learning and development.

Agility is about people more than it is about technology, tools or techniques. As the main supporters and enablers of people organizationally, this makes HR professionals a crucial bastion for understanding and supporting tenets of agility in how people are hired, onboarded, allocated to teams, reviewed and paid. An agile-ready environment with proper workspace design, collaboration tools and information radiators supports friction-free teams and organizations. HR pros can also lead cultural change through promotion and support of desired personal and organizational qualities.

Arlen's “Activities to Try” provide practical ways to both make current HR tasks more agile and expand HR’s ability to understand and enable agility throughout the organization.

About the Author

Arlen Bankston
Arlen Bankston

Arlen Bankston is an established leader in the application and evolution of Agile software development processes such as Scrum, Kanban and Extreme Programming, as well as process management methodologies such as Lean and

Six Sigma. He is a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Certified ScrumMaster Trainer and Certified Scrum Product Owner.

He has sixteen years of experience, beginning in product design, where he leveraged principles of information architecture, interaction design and usability to develop innovative products that met customers’ expressed and unspoken needs.  

Arlen has led Agile and Lean deployment and managed process improvement projects at clients such as Marriott, Capital One, Neustar, CCP Games, T. Rowe Price, Freddie Mac, and the Armed Forces Benefits Association. Arlen led novel

work to combine Lean Six Sigma process improvement methods with Agile execution to dramatically improve both the speed and quality of business results, as well as early integration of interaction design and usability practices into Agile methodologies, presenting and training frequently at both industry conferences and to Fortune 100 clients.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction - A Changing World Needs You
  • Chapter 1 — HR and the Agile Organization
  • Chapter 2 — Qualities of an Agile Organization
    • Dynamic Organizational Design & Leadership
    • Fluid Portfolio Management
    • Informed Product Design
  • Chapter 3 — Thinking with Agility
    • Understand Value
    • Think Big, Build Small
    • Focus on Feedback
    • Work Together
    • Keep Work Visible
  • Chapter 4 — The Role of HR in an Agile Organization
    • Why Does HR Need to Change?
    • Agile Organizational Adoption Strategies
    • Activities to Try
  • Chapter 5 — Hiring for Agility
    • Recruiting
    • Agile Onboarding
    • Activities to Try
  • Chapter 6 — Working Together Effectively
    • Creating a Collaborative Environment
    • Agile Performance Management Systems
    • Designing Effective Feedback Systems
    • Activities to Try
  • Chapter 7 — Learning & Professional Development
    • Agile Career Planning
    • Activities to Try
  • Conclusion
  • Reading List
  • About the Author
  • Notes

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