How To Make and Publish a Leanpub Book from Scratch
How To Make and Publish a Leanpub Book from Scratch
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How To Make and Publish a Leanpub Book from Scratch

Last updated on 2018-05-12

About the Book

In this book we will show you how to make and publish a book from scratch.

Rather than simply setting out some dry instructions, in this book and the accompanying video we hope you'll follow along by going through the process yourself. (The latest video and more information can be found at

In the following chapters, we'll walk you step-by-step through:

- creating an account

- creating a preview of your new test book that only you can see

- editing that preview and your sample text

- viewing the effects of your edits

- publishing your test book on Leanpub

Since what you'll be making as you follow along is just a test book, you can simply delete it when you're done. So you don't need to worry about any snafus along the way - just have fun playing with Leanpub!

About the Authors

Len Epp
Len Epp

Len is a former investment banker with a DPhil in English Literature from Balliol College, Oxford. He joined Ruboss in 2012 and led customer development on Leanpub for three years before becoming a co-founder.

Len is also the host of the Frontmatter and Backmatter podcasts, where he interviews Leanpub authors and publishing industry experts, respectively.

If you're interested in his novel, you can find it here.

Scott Patten
Scott Patten

Scott is a programmer and web developer. He has an MSc in Physics from the University of British Columbia and spent a decade gainfully employed as a physicist shooting lasers at polymers and ink drops at paper.

In 2006, Scott switched to programming full time. He joined Ruboss as a co-founder in 2009, and created Leanpub with Peter in 2010. Scott is the author of The S3 Cookbook and the lead author of Leanpub's book generation engine.

Peter Armstrong
Peter Armstrong

Peter Armstrong is the co-founder and CEO of Leanpub. He has almost two decades of experience in software, half of it as a developer at Silicon Valley startups. He founded Ruboss in 2008, and created Leanpub with Scott Patten in 2010.

Peter is also the author of 7 books: Yoshidaguchi, Your First Trip to Japan, The Markua Specification, Programming for KidsLean Publishing, Flexible Rails and Hello! Flex 4. He has a BSc in Computer Science and Psychology from the University of Victoria.

Peter coined the term "lean publishing" to describe the act of self-publishing an in-progress ebook. Leanpub was created based on the principles of lean publishing. He lives in Victoria, BC with his wife and son.

Table of Contents

  • How to Start a Book From Scratch
  • Step One: Create A Leanpub Account & New Book
    • Leanpub Homepage
    • Create Account Page
    • Write
    • Progress Bar
    • Previews
    • Dropbox
    • Your Book’s Landing Page (Web Page)
    • About the Book
    • Adding Content To and Editing Your Book
    • Adding a Cover Image
    • Editing a Chapter
    • Creating a New Chapter
    • Markdown
    • Selecting the Content for Your Book
    • Editing the Book Sample
    • About the Author
    • Setting Your Book’s Pricing
    • Review Changes To Your Ebook
  • Step Three: Publish Your Book
    • Publishing the Latest Version of Your Book
    • Leanpub’s Royalty Structure
    • Marketing Your Book

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