Garments of Praise

Garments of Praise
Garments of Praise
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Praise Jah.

Praise Jah for rhythm, and praise Jah for rhyme. Praise him heart soul and mind, and do it with all your might. His Spirit moves upon the lines, the breath of life and truth is on every syllable.

Praise Jah for rhythm, Praise Jah for rhyme. Praise Jah, I no longer live a life of crime, Deception jailed lies castrated, The truth has set me free.

Grace and mercies run through my veins empowered by the gospel and his glorious name, Repented and forgiven, the old man passed away, all things new, I am born again.

Praise Jah for rhythm, and Praise Jah for rhyme, words of faith, songs of grace, oh he suffered such disgrace, the cross of shame, justice maimed, but three days later he rose again, my hope extended beyond that empty grave.

Praise Jah all you people, Praise Jah you angels and all his creation Praise him in his temple and praise him on his throne Praise Jehovah, Jahweh and Elohim and Adonai, praise him now, both small and great, praise him forever more.

It’s a beautiful day.

It’s a beautiful day and I sing your praise, It’s a beautiful day to give you my love. It’s a beautiful day to know God, It’s a beautiful day my sins are washed away. It’s a beautiful thing to praise my King, yae, and to crown him Lord of all. It’s a beautiful thing to know your Name.

It’s a beautiful day, my God, it’s a beautiful day, that’s why I come so early to pray It’s a beautiful day with God I will stay. It’s a beautiful full of sunshine and precious rain. It’s a beautiful day I give you my love. It’s a beautiful day showered with gifts from above. It’s a beautiful day, Your my reason beyond words and explanation.

Oh my God it’s a beautiful day, Oh my God it’s a beautiful day. Oh my God with you I will stay, Oh my God it’s a beautiful day x5

It’s a beautiful day, my God, it’s a beautiful day. The reason I smile and the reason I sing. I found my way, your my home, Oh my God with you I will stay. Oh my God it’s a beautiful day. I will follow, though the path be narrow.

Oh my God it’s a beautiful day. I give you my love a gift from above. Oh my God it’s a beautiful day to be full of your love. It’s a beautiful day, my God, it’s a beautiful day.

A Star is born.

A Star is born every second of the day, well thats what they say. Fact or fiction rocks are dead as stones. And it won’t move until someone picks it up and throws it. You have seen big rocks, and shiny stones, climbed mountains and watched fallen stars.

So here’s the true test of your intelligence. Can rocks give birth to a baby stones? Can a sterile jewels produce heralthy fruit? Jesus said to the religious clergy you looking smart on the outside but inside your skeleton. Why, because they saw him doing good and healing the sick, yet they refused to dance when he played to them God’s love song. I tell you, he said, these rocks you so easily toss around at sinners peril, will take your place in heavens choir, and praise the Almighty who gives life from the dead. Here’s the mystery. Every day, you behold the incredible beauty and wonders of God’s creation its DNA aroma and the warmth of God’s sun shine in your face. If you then see and feel all His glory, yet you refuse to praise God and Christ his son who died for the sins of the world, whom God also raised from the dead, will he not give your place in heaven to another less worthy.

No rock is gonna cry out in my place. Then begin to say thank you God for all youve done especially for Christ death on that cross meant for me. Yes your sins was a crime against God’s law of holiness. But Christ paid your debt and bridge the gap.Now your free to come to God by faith in his sons life. Believe the gospel and the good news and be baptized that your sins may be washed away. Life begins at the cross where Christ paid it all.

Jesus you are

Jesus you are the One for me, Jesus you are the shining One, Jesus you are the star of Bethlehem, Born in a manger, you came as a stranger healing the sick and doing good, despised and rejected, shamed to the cross from death to life you breathed again, hell defeated Christ has won, now you live and shine in me, a light in the dark, and joy to the world.

Jesus you are the One for me Jesus you are the shining One Jesus you are the only One, Superstar who came from heaven and set me apart, for your kingdom and your glory, Lord, kings of the Jews, and Lord of all, To rule and reign in the kingdom of men, the blind will see and the deaf will hear, the lame men leaping and dancing for joy, turn our hearts and cleanse our souls washed in your blood, and washed by your word.

Mercy reigns in judgment, repent and be baptized, flee God’s wrath, go through the narrow gate, Listen up and fear you not, for I publish good news of great joy, Oh Star of Bethlehem, a child is born and a son is given, and upon his shoulder will be the rule of power. No other god no other name, shining your light in the darkest place Jesus you are the one, Emmanuel you are the One for me Son of David, Son of Man, Holy you are the Son of God.

Come up here

Come up here, come up higher, for I have things for you to watch and see, Come up here to the top of the stairs. Let go of the ladder of success and let’s go higher than any elevator can take you. Look beyond the dreams and visions you have for this earthly realm. I am calling you higher than the sun, moon and stars.

Come up here into the heavens where I have prepared a room for you. Come up here My child for this is where you belong. You are invited to My banquette I am preparing for you. Don’t let your heart be troubled, you believe in God, believe also in Me, for I have gone to prepare a place for you. If it was not so, I would not have told you so. But now open your ears and hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches. You heard My voice, and My call, saying,

Come up here. For it’s all by My grace and love for you. Only believe and be glad. Yes, praise and sing for with Me you will find true joy and peace. I gave you My word and My promises too. I will never leave you and I will never forsake you. Have no fear, for I am with you to that final day. So come up here, for I have many things for you to watch and see. Watch and pray and keep walking in the light of My Word for all to see. I am coming soon.

Many mockers and deceivers there will be, but in a twinkling of an eye you will be caught up to heaven to be with Me. Be patient and wait for My trumpet call. Soon I say to you again, soon and the world will see you no more. Get your lamps burning, get extra virgin oil. Don’t be left behind. For when I shut the door they will cry but I will not hear to open it again. Warn them for Me but to you I say, come up here.


Montrouge is a beautiful suburb at the outskirts of Paris. It was also a place known for its warm hospitality and peaceful ambiance, where the Angels of Paris would come to bring weary travelers into a shelter for the night. The staff were professional and friendly, treating all visitors with equal respect and dignity.

They also abide by a strict door protocol that has a significant message echoing into eternity. Upon arrival visitors would knock or ring the doorbell, waiting for the doorkeeper to open the door. The door would only open if they expect a booked visitor, otherwise the door remain shut. When the door do open, a friendly doorkeeper will always welcome the visitor or stranger with a warm welcome and smile. Most visitors are regulars, and would be greeted by name and then the doorkeeper turn his back for a moment to ask his colleague, who has an open book ready to check whether the visitors name is registered or not.

If your name was found written in the book register, the doorkeeper will swing wide open the door, and graciously welcome you inside, where a table with food is prepared, and thereafter a bed for the night. But woe to them whose name are not found in the book.

Many classy restaurants and porch clubs also has a VIP check list by which visitors are cleared for entry or turned away out in the cold and dark. An eternal protocol that will deny access to many never to enter into heaven.

Jesus said, you believe in God, believe also in me, for I go to prepare a place for you, and when I return, I will take you where I am, and you will have a warm welcome into my Fathers kingdom. So will the angels who keep the door let you in, or turn you away into the lake burning with fire and brimstone, prepared for Satan and his demons. Don’t go there, flee the wrath of God coming. Ask God to record your name in the book of life and live forever with peace and joy in God’s presence full of mercy and grace. Jesus is the door to God’s heart. For he was obedient unto death even the death on the cross, therefore God has highly exalted him and has given him a name that is above every other name.

God raised Christ the King of the Jews from the dead that he might be the first of many brethren who believes. Love God, and fear him, do good to all men, bless and curse not and accept the free gift of God which is life from the dead, sight for the blind and ears for the deaf to hear. God wants all men to repent and turn to him and you will never be turned away. Come now, for the door is wide open and by faith you can enter and found your name written in His book of Life.

An open door into heaven

For a limited time only! The door is open to everyone. Yes, the entrance is free. Only believe. Come quickly. No time to change, come as you are. Aliens, foreigners, bastards and outcast all invited, even the poor have a special invitation to come. Come and buy, without money and without price. Never before has this been so possible. Thieves, liars fornicators and adulterous forsake your sins, come and enter into the holy heavens, reserved only for a chosen few. No longer exclusivity, all nations, creed and languages come now, the table is set. Wash yourself you sinners, leave your dirt for the pigs and dogs. Come need to pass through heavens gates.

The door is open for all to freely enter in. Yes there are scoffers on the way and mockers at the gate. They laugh and joke while watching men from pass them by the way, the life and truth through the door into paradise. Fools they are for being so blind, not to see what’s on the other side. They think paradise is on earth. The entrance through the door is the gift of God to men and is by grace. Only believe. God so extravagant in his love paid the price in full for everyone, whoever wants to come. The wealth of his riches beyond comparison and almost believe.

You see, he knows how to prepare a banquet. Turning water into wine and giving us the bread of life. What is a party without guest, and what good is a playground without children happily running around. The door is open and the way is straight. Some turned to the left and others to the right to find pleasures under the rainbow dome not thinking straight and narrow is the way. But you keep your eyes on the prize and stack your treasure in heaven. If you are poor on earth but rich towards God, you will have an inheritance greater than the streets of gold.

There’s a wedding occasion, and a wedding gown. The groom is getting married, and his bride without spot, without blemish, oh so beautiful has made herself ready. But wow, the guest invited full of excuses, and the virgins without oil. Now there is plenty of room for everyone who wants to come. Just enter through the door, but avoid the window in the wall. Come and take your place, be sure your name is written in the Lamb’s book of life. He has gone to prepare you, your place. Enter you at the door who hung on a cross, now set in heaven into the room of glory from which flow the streams of living water.

You see the story goes like this. How God loved the world that He gave his only begotten son, that whosoever will believe on Him shall not perish but have eternal life. So God send His son not to condemn the world, but to save those who would believe on him. He gave Jesus his power and authority, who went around the cities doing good and healing all that was oppressed of the devil. But blinded by envy and rage, they stopped their ears in not believing.

They despised, rejected and crucified him like a criminal on a cross. Sentenced to death for crimes of humanitarian kindness and doing good. His words often piercing the souls of men, exposing the secrets of their wicked hearts and the nakedness of their pride before a holy God. His own shut the door, for themselves and their children to come, hiding the King of the Jews in a tomb now left empty for the world to hope in faith.

But God who is rich in mercy would not let his body and soul rot in hell. And on the third day rose his son back to life. Now the door is open for filthy sinners, dead in their sin, without hope and without God. Born on Christmas day this Nazarene chose twelve men to spread the gospel of this good news of his resurrection and Fathers kingdom. No more orphans, sinners turned to saints. Repent for his kingdom has come. The Door is open, come-on in.

Though your sins be red like scarlet, he will make it white like snow. I am the Door, Jesus said. No one comes to my Father except through me. So don’t let your heart be troubled. You believe in God, believe also in me. For in My Fathers house are many rooms and I go to prepare a place for you. Come now and enter in, into everlasting life.

World Peace

Birds dropping, fish popping and clowns creepy all over the place. A world at war its already on fire. Peace is possible only believe in the promised Messiah, for without God you be lost and doomed for hell. Jesus came and died for sinners rescue to find peace with God, the grace of God saving the lost. Turn to God and turn from sin you soon find life is more than sex or gold. Peace with God shoppers cannot find, some churches still dead and blind to vigilance and God. Open the door Jesus is the way. The truth be told if you live you will never die, but if you die, yet will you live like Christ who was raised from the dead. Jesus come into my heart and if all this poem be true give me a brand new start. Make me a brand new man wash me from my sin and by your Spirit let me be born again. Jesus you are Lord.

Bitter Sweet

And a scroll appeared from heaven, and was given to me, Eat the angel said, though it be sweet in your mouth yet will its taste turn to bitterness.

Oh bread of sorrow, bitter yet so sweet, why have you come to my bed? Pass me by, come back another time, my appetite is gone, give me only wine and cheese.

Oh bread of sorrow, bitter yet so sweet, smile on me today, give me joy and laughter, a cup of happiness I will appreciate

Oh bread of sorrow, bitter yet so sweet, give cupcakes and candy, but you I don’t like to eat, not today or tomorrow, come back and see, perhaps later in this week.

Oh bread of sorrow, bitter yet so sweet, I thought I told you, pass me by, and go next door, serve my neighbor my portion, but leave you me now in peace

Oh bread of sorrow, bitter yet so sweet, it’s you again, who gave you my number, spam me not, for I have a right and go your way, find some other guy Stop invading my privacy and give me more time.

Oh bread of sorrow, bitter yet so sweet, pass me by yet once more, go your way to the other side and let the rod of affliction beat on my enemies back.

Oh bread of sorrow, bitter yet so sweet, now I will take you, To God in my prayer. You seem to come uninvited so often without reason,

Oh God of my comfort and peace, show you me mercy today. Give me this day the bread of life that comes from you, And though I go through this shadow of death you will be my shield when the floods come over my head, it will not drown me and if the fire burn hot like hell, it will not scourge me For Jesus you are the bread from God, I come to eat and I hunger no more. Therefore, have I great joy and peace within, even in troubled times, and in the end, hope will not disappoint, when you come and dine with me and I with you.

Jesus friend of mine

Jesus friend of mine, you’re invited turning water into wine Come to my party, come and play Come with your Spirit, and come in love, my friends are thirsty, turn their water into wine Bring joy to my servants, and joy to my guest don’t forget my family and friends Save the best for last and leave my house blessed. Jesus friend of mine, you are always welcome to stay.

Jesus friend of mine, turning water into wine, how lovely is your house of living stones, filled with precious treasures and sweet aromas of perfumed and holy prayers Come and dine, come drink and feast, come from the four corners of the world islands too, come you nations, come you peoples, heavens glory has healed the curse. Wrath held back by his blood on a cross, peace with God, he calls me friend.

I am invited, my place reserved at his banqueting table Accepted and crowned seated with the King, loved and beloved Come my beloved, water of life I offer you. Living fountains it will be like rivers springing from thee, come taste and see, you will never thirst again new wine and bread from heavens room, baskets of joy, gladness peace and many more Spirit fruits to cheer, and for the healing of the nations I give the leaves of these trees.

Jesus friend of Mine, forgiving and so kind, how you turned my water of depression and fear into wine of joy and gladness, people from far and wide will come to taste and see that God is good, and God is love, but if they mock and laugh at Golgotha cross it’s because of the moll in their eyes, and they still dead in their sin Jesus friend of mine and of sinners too, how you took my beating and my shame But God who is righteous and who is just, did not leave your soul to perish but by the same Spirit who dwells in me, He raised Christ from death to life.

Jesus friend of sinners turning dead men walking into living saints Living waters flow from the Rock to quench the thirsty and to refresh the soul Two streams from the throne, a river of life and the trees by its side bearing fruit every month and for the hungry pleasant for their appetite And the leaves of the trees are for the healing of the nations but outside will be the dogs and whore mongers, thieves and adulterous too.

Thank God in heaven, thank him here on earth. Thank God always with a heart full of joy.
May your heavenly Father bless you with the fruits of righteousness and peace, and fill you with the wine of Holy Ghost joy and anoint your face with the oil of gladness. And when your King comes again, may you be found perfect without blame and without spot, ready for his banquette which he has prepared for you. Peace from God our Father and Christ his son.

Sunshine In Paris

Clouds are shifting, clouds of darkness, oppression and despair. Jehovah makes his face shine on you. His ray’s of hope lights the spirit of men, with joy and gladness, flooding souls with the wellsprings of eternal life.

Sunshine in Paris started on a usual gloomy-grey day in Paris. Darkness of depression seeping into and draining my soul, when I started to pray. I said, “Jesus you rebuked the storms and it became instant peace. Elijah prayed and it did not rain for three years. King Hezekiah prayed and God turned back the sun by ten degrees as a sign that he be healed. Joshua prayed and the sun stood still half a day, until he slewed all his enemies.

Now I pray to you this day, give me sunshine too instead of these grey depressing skies. And so it happenned for seven days sunshine in Paris, which according to a Parisian was uncommon for that season. God answered my prayer and the grey skies of oppression shifted. May you also pray and have faith to believe God on that day you need your miracle, healing or peace. Jesus is Lord over all God’s creation and what he spoke into being will obey his every command.

For you will degree a thing and it will be established in the city and in the nations. The sun will shine in Paris, because you prayed and God gave you what you asked for. Though Paris be a city build on dead bones, yet will they live again. For as God spoke to Ezekiel, so will you command the four winds to breathe life into the catacombs.

For they are many that are dead in their sins, and left without graves and burial. Bones to bone covered with flesh and skin, until breath enters into them to live again. Prophesy o son of man, prophesy, life and not death. Speak the Word of the Lord for it is the incorruptible seed of the living God.

For His word will not return to Him empty or void, but accomplish the purposes of Elohim. He watches over it all his promises yes and amen. Prophesy life to the dead, sight to the blind, and the opening of deaf ears, that they may hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying. Speak to the valley of dry bones, speak life to this city. For Jehovah is not the god of the dead, but he is the God of the living.

This is the generation in whom I will pour out My Spirit and they will live again, and the voices of joy and gladness will fill the streets from Paris to Jerusalem with salvation and the abundance of joy. A different sound to the beat of the drums and melody to the rhythme, and the beat of the holy ones will make demons tremble, but the angels in heaven will rejoice over every soul saved.

The sun will shine in Paris, and the grey clouds of oppression will lift and make way in Jesus name. The son will bring hope and salvation, peace, joy and deliverance. And the lights of Paris will shine brighter and brighter every day. In Genesis God said, let there be light and there was light. Call those things that be not as though they are. For the word of faith is near you, even in your mouth to speak and in your heart to believe it shall be. Only believe.

For Jesus is the Ark of your triumph, the Eiffel tower of your hope and faith, even the Louvre of light and love. You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden. Nor do people light a lamp and put it under a basket, but its placed on a stand, and it gives light to all in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before men, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.


Shout, shout let it all out, we are the saints they talk about, come on by faith we are saved, come on Shout, shout let it all out, we are the holy ones saved by grace, come on we are washed in his blood, come on, your a child of God come on Shout, shout let it all out, bold and unashamed, we the sons of light, come on

The Closet

Come out of the closet I know you in-there Stop playing hide and seek Come out of the closet I have a robe for you to wear no more naked, and no more shame Come out of the closet though your sins be scarlet red Christ blood washes white like snow no more pride or parades, its covered by his grace clothed in love and a shield of faith, new hope rises Come out of the closet into the light piercing the soul peace within. no more darkness no more night, today is the day you step out into freedom.

Fashion Codes

The king worn a crown and nothing else. In his pride he stepped before the crowd. Stunt with silence the king portrayed his latest fashion the world would trend. But not for a child who sounded the alarm, “the king is naked he cried”.

O you foolish kings and queens wearing torn jeans and worn out shoes. Fashioned like the poor and half naked you no longer conceal it. What king and kingdom you represented? Just ask a child and you will know. Fashion guru lied and wrapped it in pride.

Don’t you know how naked and poor you have become? Buy from me says the king gold refined in the fire. That you may be rich and hide your shame. Do not be deceived, do not be conform to this world and it’s wretched fashion charade. Every man knows you don’t go to a wedding without the proper wedding gown. Dress up when you stand in line for there are protocols and codes even the poor will have to obey. Put on Christ and putt off the old. Your a new creation old things passed away. Clothed in humility shun the proud. Kindness and mercy for a crown. Let your dress be in white without spot or wrinkle. Let your label be of Christ, all other fashions is of the world.

Here is the reason now is the season. Your invited to marriage of the Lamb. A bride should make herself ready for the groom is coming soon. RSVP I go to prepare you a place in my Fathers mansion. And soon I will come again so be you ready like the wise and not the silly virgins who had no extra oil. Keep the watch and pray that you be counted worthy to escape that horrible day. Like a thief in the night I will take my beloved bride all dressed up in beautiful white.

Three Two One

3-2-1 the story has begun. 2 are better than 1, and 3 wrapped together, is very strong.

3 Men sentenced to death, 2 were thieves deserving of no ransom, and 1 a king they wished away. 3 Men hanged naked and bruised, 2 for a life of crime, and 1 for humankind. 3 Men died that day, 2 were caught, guilty as hell, but 1 was innocent like a lamb, Betrayed by a kiss of a friend and for 30 pieces of silver justice were tampered, And when all was finished, the spirit of 3 men departed, 2 to paradise, and 1 to Hades down below. 3 Men were laid to rest, 2 from dust to dust, and 1 from dusk to dawn, would rise again. 3 Days later, 2 graves still sealed and silent, only 1 tombstone moved and rolled away. And when the son of man appeared, the sting of death was removed. Jesus triumphed for everyone.

An empty grave and Angels choir. The good news of the gospel has power.

3-2-1 John 3.16 how God loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believes in him, will not perish, but have everlasting life. But whoever believes not, still remains in darkness. For God did send his son, not to condemn, but to save. His life is the light of every man.

No one can come to his Father except they enter by the door. Christ is the one who died and rose again. Christ is the one who took away our punishment and God’s wrath to come. All have sinned and all deserved to die. But Christ the mediator and the lamb took away the sin of the world, that all can be forgiven and be born again. So go ahead and ask him now, for this gift of eternal life is free for everyone. For by grace are you saved, this is a gift from God, not just on Christmas day. Today is the day of your salvation. Only believe and be baptized and you too can be with Jesus in Paradise.

Say Jesus, I believe and call on your name. I believe you are the son of God who died and rose again. I accept God’s peace offering and love for me, so boldly displayed on that cross of Calvary. Forgive now all my sin and make me new again. Holy Spirit, be my friend and help me live holy and perfect, as my Father in heaven is holy and perfect. Thank you Father, thank you for welcoming me into your great and loving family, as a child of God I am made rich by your love and generosity. Father, in Jesus name I believe, and pray, amen.