Functional recipes with JavaScript
Functional recipes with JavaScript
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Functional recipes with JavaScript

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Completed on 2018-10-20

About the Book

Master the usage of pure and high order functions to create extensible and composable partial applications whom are easy to test and execute.

About the Author

Oscar Lodriguez
Oscar Lodriguez

A passionate and motivated Software Engineer majored in information technology. Shares a vision for developing semantically and syntactically correct software for mobile and web applications. Loves to keep things SOLID and sports a YAGNI approach.

Table of Contents

  • Hola!
    • Quokka
  • Why go functional
    • Before we go any further
    • Must reads
    • Book Structure
    • Imperative Pattern vs Declarative Pattern
    • Start
  • Eager and Lazy evaluations
    • Eager Evaluation
    • Lazy Evaluation
  • Filter
    • Signature
    • Chaining
    • Pure functions
  • Map
    • Signature
    • Using Unary functions with maps
    • Shopping cart
    • Excel sheet
  • Reduce
    • Signature
    • Voters tally
    • Object Reducer
  • Performance
  • Some more functional concepts
    • File extension transformer
    • Higher order functions (HOF)
    • Compose
  • Combinators
    • Transducers
    • Transduce function
    • Map function
    • xReducer function
  • Ramda
    • Currying and Partial Applications
    • To our Ramda implementation
    • Nicknames part deux
  • Shopping Cart
  • Immutability and side-effects
    • Mutations
    • Avoiding mutation on a reference
  • Recipe Finder
  • Pizza builder
  • CLI Black Jack
  • Conclusion

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