Founder Investing
Founder Investing
Founder Investing

Last updated on 2018-01-01

About the Book

Table of Contents

  • Entrepreneurs fate
    • Entrepreneurial anxiety
    • Establishing a personal delivery and learning system
    • A founder is not a business (essay 010)
    • What great entrepreneurs are teaching us about learning (essay 020)
    • Goal of the book, the phases for growth
    • No one’s fault — entrepreneurship emerges out of existing businesses
  • Reflection on technology
    • s20 The cauldron of creativity (Andy Grove)
    • s030 The Speed of Technology
  • Reflection about money
  • s010 — the stages of growth
  • Do it because you love ❤ it
    • Paraphrasing Steve Blank on advice for entrepreneurs
    • Would you pay others to let you do your job?
    • Conclusions
    • References
  • Consciousness and entrepreneurship
    • On entrepreneur behaviors: overconfidence and representativeness
    • Response-able and conscious coordination
    • S054 Compassion for the road ahead
    • Conscious and unconscious agenda
    • Learning how to learn is a key skill for first-class founders
    • What to look for when searching for your next great cofounder
    • Insight from Brian, not exactly about cofounders but about learning in the immersive experience a.k.a. compression of time
    • Disagreements will happen (feat. Patrick Collison)
    • Don’t let it fade — the immersive cofounder experience of 4 monthes at at YCombinator
  • Reasons for pursuing an entrepreneurial life
    • s055.1 Sam Altman interviewing Reid Hoffman on his something idea what he believes to be true that most people disagrees with
    • s055.3 Steve Blank on the vision to start a company
  • Risks of entrepreneurship
    • Signs of an young entrepreneur ecosystem
    • Entrepreneurs belief that money granted from VC is self-validation
  • s500 Resisting scale, optimize for culture, degrade less
    • A founder-CEOs and VC access to superpowers of professional CEOs
    • Growing through value and shaping product-market

About the Author

Marcio Galli
Marcio Galli

Marcio (Taboca) Galli é programador desde os 10 anos de idade. Formado em computação, pela USP de São Carlos, Marcio sempre trabalhou com tecnologias e soluções para apresentação e educação, além de ser apaixonado por interfaces do usuário, design e soluções de automatização. Suas aventuras no mundo da cerveja iniciaram-se por volta de 2013 quando ele teve acesso a um equipamento de 100 litros. Hoje Marcio é um consultor e oferece cursos de empreendedorismo tanto na área de cerveja quanto consultoria para startups e pequenos negócios. É autor da plataforma de slides SlideQuest e do, além de ter vivido no Vale do Silício e a oportunidade de trabalhar em empresas como Yahoo!, Netscape e Mozilla Corporation.

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