70 Top Leaders on Creating the Forward Thinking Workplace
70 Top Leaders on Creating the Forward Thinking Workplace
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70 Top Leaders on Creating the Forward Thinking Workplace

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Last updated on 2019-04-28

About the Book

Leverage the experience, wisdom, and focused energy of a growing and inspiring alliance of 70+ global leaders.

About the Editor

Bill Fox
Bill Fox

Hi, I’m Bill Fox … I help leaders and teams ask new questions and align on a strategic conversation that engages and leverages the collective voice, energy and wisdom of everyone⏤to attract, retain and grow exceptional people and results. I lead a growing global conversation with 70+ forward-thinking leaders to help you discover new and better ways to achieve your most important strategic objectives. Learn more at billfox.co.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Chapter Two
    • 2.1 Just Decide & Do It
    • 2.2 It’s in Our Self-Interest to Forget Our Self-Interest
    • 2.3 Take Action & Make the Hero’s Journey Yourself
    • 2.4 Team of Teams Allows Each Voice to Be Heard
    • 2.5 Give People Autonomy to Create an Environment Where They Can Thrive
    • 2.6 Create the Discipline to Pause & Reflect
    • 2.7 Give People More Control
    • 2.8 Change the Language to Give Control
    • 2.9 Lead From a Place of Aspiration — Not Fear
    • 2.10 The Challenge Today Is a Challenge of Leadership
    • 2.11 How Do We Change Leaders to Be Less Command & Control?
    • 2.12 Holacracy Is One Answer
    • 2.13 Enable Everyone to Have a Voice in the Governance & How the Work Should Be Done
    • 2.14 State of Mind Is the Biggest Determinant of How Productive People Are & How Well They Listen & Communicate
    • 2.15 When People Realize Their Own Thinking Is the Problem, They Can Take Responsibility for Their Own State of Mind
    • 2.16 We Experience What We Think, It’s Not Caused by Circumstance
    • 2.17 Our State of Mind Is Determined 100% by Thought — Not Circumstance
    • 2.18 Lead People to States of Mind That Are More Productive, Attentive & Present
    • 2.19 It’s All in the System
    • 2.20 Self-Organization Is Key to More Creativity
    • 2.21 Design Organizations So People Can Bring Their Whole Selves
    • 2.22 What Do I Need to Embody?
    • 2.23 What Do I Want to Be Flowing Throughout My Company Like Water?
    • 2.24 Management Systems Don’t Help Us Control Much at All
    • 2.25 We’ve Missed an Essential Question
    • 2.26 Heal the Schism Between Individual Purpose & Community Value
    • 2.27 Deal With Our Own Processes First
    • 2.28 Our Own Processes Get in Our Way of Listening
    • 2.29 We More Or Less Copy Things
    • 2.30 We Treat Workplaces Like Kindergarten
    • 2.31 All New Things Come From Insights
    • 2.32 Give People Room to Make Mistakes & Grow as People First
    • 2.33 Remove the Fear of Being Judged
    • 2.34 It’s Not Really Employees & Customers
    • 2.35 A Clear Framework Where What I Say and How I See Things Matters
    • 2.36 People Need to Feel Secure & Genuinely Listened To
    • 2.37 Leadership That Understands Intrinsic Motivation
    • 2.38 Be Open & Curious to the True Voice of People
    • 2.39 Be Open to Allow People to Express Themselves in Their Own Wholeness
    • 2.40 Empower Everyone to Be Successful
    • 2.41 Everyone Is Responsible for Their Own Meaning & Innovation
    • 2.42 People Need Coaching More Than Management
    • 2.43 Work Environments Need to Leverage Everybody’s Natural Gifts
    • 2.44 People Have Different Needs & Unique Gifts
    • 2.45 Connect the Wants, Needs & Desires of Each Person
    • 2.46 70% of Human Talent Are Either Scared, Guarded or Unwilling to Say What They Really Think
    • 2.47 A Workplace Where People Can Live an Authentic & Integrated Life
    • 2.48 See People as Creators, Not Implementors
    • 2.49 Help People Find Meaning in Their Work
    • 2.50 Corporate Purpose That Resonates & Binds Together
    • 2.51 It’s About Processes, and It’s About People
    • 2.52 Without Systems, People End Up Doing Non-Value Added Work
    • 2.53 Think of the Workplace as a Community
    • 2.54 If We Think of Workplaces as a Community, Our Mindset Begins to Shift
    • 2.55 People Have a Hard-Wired Need to Be Heard
    • 2.56 This Is a Time Where We Need to Crack Open a New Model in Our Heads & in Our Hearts
    • 2.57 It’s Time to Imagine Creating These Environments for Everybody’s Health & Growth
    • 2.58 People Function Naturally When They Don’t Have a Lot of Noise in Their Head
    • 2.59 People Interact in Supportive & Generative Ways When They Understand We Experience Life From the Inside Out
    • 2.60 Help Employees Engage in Accordance With Their Deeply Held Beliefs
    • 2.61 Free People to Connect Their “Religion” to Their Work
    • 2.62 Stop Focusing on Processes & Mechanics as Firmly as We Have
    • 2.63 Are You Willing to Be Moved?
    • 2.64 Learning, Flexibility & Willingness to Listen
    • 2.65 All Those Things Happen When People Understand Where Their Experience Is Coming From
    • 2.66 Our Perception of Reality Is Based on Our Own Thought — Not External Circumstances
    • 2.67 Humans Create Their Perception of Reality From Thought
    • 2.68 We’re Not Aware of the Outside World — We’re Aware of Thought
    • 2.69 Thought Is an Automatic Force Behind Life — We Just Need to Know Where to Look for It
    • 2.70 Most People Are Living in a Lot of Thought & Don’t Know It
    • 2.71 When We Understand We Live in a World of Thought, We Become Quieter, More Present & Listen Better
    • 2.72 A System Where Every Voice Can Be Heard & Given Fair Consideration
    • 2.73 In Many Large Organizations, Innovative Voices Are Not Heard
    • 2.74 Make Sure the Physical Environment Makes It Easy for People to Interact & Collaborate
    • 2.75 The Team Should Include All the People Involved to Any Extent
    • 2.76 People Need to Be in Balance With Themselves
    • 2.77 Figure Out Why the Forward-Thinking Workplace Isn’t Happening
    • 2.78 It Just Depends on Meaning It
    • 2.79 Create Space to Hear Something
    • 2.80 Remove Fear & Judgment
    • 2.81 Align People With What Their Passionate About
    • 2.82 Create a Safe-Space for Dialogue
    • 2.83 People Working Passionately Engage Fearlessly
    • 2.84 Pick a Goal to Be a Master at Something That Serves Others
    • 2.85 Help People Become More Self-Reliant
    • 2.86 Challenge People to Ask Questions & Have Them Find the Solutions
    • 2.87 Trust People to Make the Right Decisions
    • 2.88 People Are Emotionally & Mentally Invested When They Have Ownership
    • 2.89 Figure Out How to Meet the Ownership Desires of Employees While Still Working as a Team
    • 2.90 Believe Everybody Has Something to Contribute
    • 2.91 Simply Ask People if They Have Topics to Discuss
    • 2.92 Coaching Can Help Change Occur More Naturally
    • 2.93 Leaders Need to Understand That They’re Thriving & Feeling Good About Themselves
    • 2.94 The Workplace Is a Reflection of the Leadership
    • 2.95 Be Very Selective About Who You Hire
    • 2.96 Do an Audition, Not an Interview
    • 2.97 Create a Context That Allows for the Expression of Intrinsic Motivation & Our Best Selves
    • 2.98 Remove Barriers Within a Context
    • 2.99 Consistency Between Culture, the Management System and Leadership Is the #1 Priority
    • 2.100 Create an Environment of Inclusion & Psychological Safety
    • 2.101 Provide Options for People to Give Feedback
    • 2.102 Detach From Normal Release Cycles & Rotate Team Members
    • 2.103 Change & Innovation Happen Naturally When Learning & Growth Is Fostered
    • 2.104 Flaws in Personal Perceptions of Reality Limit Possibilities
    • 2.105 It’s the Job of Every Employee to Discover What Has Meaning for Them
    • 2.106 The Starting Point Is Always Strategy
    • 2.107 No Single Person Should Have the Authority to Kill a Good Idea
    • 2.108 Challenging the Status Quo Is the Only Way That Companies Will Become Skilled at Innovation
    • 2.109 A Plan Gives Us Clarity
    • 2.110 Everybody Needs the Freedom to Make or Direct Changes
    • 2.111 We’ve Forgotten to Listen to the Voices of Everyone
    • 2.112 The People Can Tell You How to Fix Everything
    • 2.113 A Clear Strategy That’s Communicated With Clarity
    • 2.114 What We Experience & Feel Doesn’t Come From Outside
    • 2.115 Awakening To How The Mind Works Is A Game Changer
    • 2.116 When You Become a Good Listener, You Get More & Better Information
    • 2.117 Recognize the True Power of Thought
    • 2.118 Make the Workplace Psychologically Safe & Stimulating
    • 2.119 Help People Drop the Corporate Mask
    • 2.120 People Are Focusing on Finding Purpose but the Issues of Status, Power & Competition Still Remain
    • 2.121 Help People Be More Conscious About What Exactly They Are Doing
    • 2.122 Create an Environment Where People Can Ask the Right Questions
    • 2.123 Ask People How They Want to Work — Don’t Just Tell Them
    • 2.124 Leave an Open Channel for Change & Innovation to Happen Naturally
    • 2.125 Harness a Deeper Connection Between Individuals
    • 2.126 Is Political Correctness Stifling Individual Aspirations?
    • 2.127 We Need to Be Re-Training Ourselves to Be More Human — Not More Automated
    • 2.128 Use Daily Work Activities as Vehicles for Change
    • 2.129 Have the Courage to Invest in Human Development
    • 2.130 Getting People Engaged Is Important Because People Become More Committed & Innovative
    • 2.131 People Need to Be Interested in Being Innovative or Opt Out
    • 2.132 We Need Leaders Who Facilitate Engagement & Employees Who Choose to Participate
    • 2.133 Make It Real for Ourselves — We Can’t Rely on Others to Do It for Us
    • 2.134 Many of Today’s Most Popular Solutions Don’t Last Long Term
    • 2.135 The Right Question Can Lead to All Sorts of Innovations
    • 2.136 Change the Core Operating System to Create a Healthy Environment for People to Show Up
    • 2.137 Focus on What’s Underneath Rather Than Bolt-On Systems
    • 2.138 Leadership With Vision & Discipline to Bring in the Right Actors
    • 2.139 A Market Conversation That Attracts People
    • 2.140 Recognize There Is a Spectrum in How People Show Up
  • 3. About Bill Fox

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