Essential F#
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Essential F#

About the Book

The revised edition of this book will be released as a free download on July 15, 2022. If you buy the current version, the author's royalties go to the F# Software Foundation.

This is a practical book aimed at efficiently getting you up to speed with the essentials of functional-first programming in F#. 

Everywhere you look, programming languages are gaining functional features. The problem is that it's not the individual features that make functional programmers happy, it's the way that your approach to writing software and the features work together to help you write simple code to solve interesting problems. This book will help you to discover why F# is such a popular language with those who have spent time learning its secrets. 

This book started life as a series of blog posts on my employer's website ( The sum of the content is what a developer needs to know to be able to work on one of our F# Line of Business codebases. I have improved and extended the content, upgraded the code to F# 5, and ensured that the code would run in VS Code with the ionide extension.

All of the author's royalties from this book are going to the F# Software Foundation ( to help them to support the F# community around the world.

About the Author

Ian Russell
Ian Russell

Ian Russell has over 25 years experience as a software developer in the UK. He has held many technical roles over the years but made the decision many years ago that he could do most good by remaining ‘just a software developer’. Ian works remotely from the UK for Trustbit, a software solutions provider based in Vienna, on a cloud-based GPS aggregator for a logistics company written mostly in F#. Ian’s .NET journey started with C# 1.1 in 2003 and he started playing in his own time with F# in 2010. He has been a regular speaker at UK user groups and conferences for over 11 years.

Table of Contents

  • Preface
    • Who should read this book
    • Thanks
    • About the author
  • Introduction
    • Why Choose F#?
    • What does this book cover
    • Setting up your environment
    • F# Software Foundation
    • One Last Thing
  • 1 - A simple domain modelling exercise
    • The Problem
    • Initial Version
    • Making the Implicit Explicit (1 of 2)
    • Making the Implicit Explicit (2 of 2)
    • Type Composition
    • Summary
    • Postscript
  • 2 - Function Composition
    • Theory
    • In Practice
    • Unit
    • Multiple Parameters
    • Partial Application
    • Summary
  • 3 - Null and Exception Handling
    • Null Handling
    • Interop With .NET
    • Handling Exceptions
    • Function Composition With Result
    • Summary
  • 4 - Organising Code
    • Getting Started
    • Solutions and Projects
    • Adding a Source File
    • Namespaces and Modules
    • Problem
    • Creating Unit Tests
    • Simplifying Our Code
    • Extending the Functionality
    • Adding Unit Tests for Register Customer
    • The Completed Codebase
    • Summary
  • 5 - Introduction to Collections
    • Before We Start
    • The Basics
    • Core Functionality
    • Folding
    • Grouping Data and Uniqueness
    • Practical Example
    • Summary
  • 6 - Reading Data From a File
    • Setting Up
    • Loading Data
    • Parsing Data
    • Testing the Code
    • Final Code
    • Summary
  • 7 - Active Patterns
    • Setting Up
    • Partial Active Patterns
    • Parameterized Partial Active Patterns
    • Multi-Case Active Patterns
    • Summary
  • 8 - Functional Validation
    • Setting Up
    • Solving the Problem
    • Where are we now?
    • Functional validation the F# way
    • Summary
  • 9 - Single Case Discriminated Union
    • Setting Up
    • Solving the Problem
    • Final Code
    • Record Type
    • Summary
  • 10 - Object Programming
    • Setting Up
    • Class Types
    • Interfaces
    • Object Expressions
    • Encapsulation
    • Equality
    • Summary
  • 11 - Recursion
    • Setting Up
    • Solving The Problem
    • Tail Call Optimisation
    • Expanding the Accumulator
    • FizzBuzz Using Recursion
    • Quicksort using recursion
    • Other Uses Of Recursion
    • Further Reading
    • Summary
  • 12 - Computation Expressions
    • Setting Up
    • Introducing the Problem
    • The Result Computation Expression
    • Introduction to Async
    • Computation Expressions in Action
    • Debugging Code
    • Further Reading
    • Summary
  • 13 - Introduction to Web Programming with Giraffe
    • Getting Started
    • Running the Sample Code
    • HttpHandlers and Combinators
    • Next Steps
    • Creating an API
    • Creating a Custom HttpHandler
    • Creating a View
    • Tidying up Routing
    • Reviewing the Code
    • Summary
  • 14 - Creating an API with Giraffe
    • Getting Started
    • Our Task
    • Sample Data
    • Routes
    • Handlers
    • Using the API
    • Summary
  • 15 - Creating Web Pages with Giraffe
    • Getting Started
    • Our Task
    • Configuration
    • Converting HTML To Giraffe View Engine
    • Next Stage
    • Tidying Up
    • Summary
  • Summary
    • F# Software Foundation
    • Resources
    • And Finally
  • Appendix
    • Creating Solutions and Projects in VS Code

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