Enneagram User Guide
Enneagram User Guide


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Enneagram User Guide

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Completed on 2017-10-09

About the Book

The Enneagram User Guide is both for those who are new to the Enneagram personality types and those wishing to enhance or clarify their understanding of the system. It not only offers an overview of the nine types and the many related concepts, but also introduces a core focus to each of the nine types that is used as a common thread to tie all the pieces of the system together. In the process, the book explains in practical terms how the types and the associated concepts can be more easily understood and applied.

Table of Contents

  • eBook Revisions
  • Introduction
  • Part 1: Roots of the Types
  • Chapter 1 - A Brief History
    • G.I. Gurdjieff
    • Planetary Types
    • Ego-Types
    • Enneatypes
    • Takeaway
  • Chapter 2 - The Nine Types
    • Claudio Naranjo and the Enneatypes
    • Enneatype Interpretations
      • 1-Acceptability through Behavioral Correctness
      • 2-Appreciation through Emotional Attentiveness
      • 3-Esteem through Emotional Affirmation
      • 4-Significance through Emotional Authenticity
      • 5-Comprehension through Mental Objectivity
      • 6-Assurance through Mental Questioning
      • 7-Enthusiasm through Mental Anticipation
      • 8-Empowerment through Behavioral Assertiveness
      • 9-Harmony through Behavioral Accommodation
    • Takeaway
  • Chapter 3 - Ichazo’s Enneagrams
    • Ego
      • Enneagram of Fixations
      • Enneagram of Holy Ideas
      • Enneagram of Traps
      • Enneagram of Passions
      • Enneagram of Virtues
    • Ego-Types
      • Type 1: Ego-Resent
      • Type 2: Ego-Flat
      • Type 3: Ego-Go
      • Type 4: Ego-Melan
      • Type 5: Ego-Stinge
      • Type 6: Ego-Cow
      • Type 7: Ego-Plan
      • Type 8: Ego-Venge
      • Type 9: Ego-In
    • Takeaway
  • Part 2: Additional Concepts
  • Chapter 4 - The Wings
    • Wing Influence
    • Placement on the Circle
    • Takeaway
  • Chapter 5 - The Centers
    • Gut, Heart, and Head
    • Anger, Shame, and Fear
    • The Core Types
    • Behavioral, Emotional, and Mental
    • Takeaway
  • Chapter 6 - The Triads
    • The 4 Sets of Triads
    • Karen Horney
    • Takeaway
  • Chapter 7 - The Instincts
    • Instinctual Subtypes
      • Self-Preservation (sp) Subtypes
      • Sexual (sx) Subtypes
      • Social (so) Subtypes
    • Instinctual Preference or Stacking
      • Stacking the Subtypes
    • Instinct Independent of Type
    • Takeaway
  • Chapter 8 - The Inner Lines
    • The Gurdjieff Tradition
    • The Arrows
    • Stress and Security Points
    • Directions of Integration and Disintegration
    • Connecting Points
    • Takeaway
  • Chapter 9 - Tritype
    • Trifix
    • Tritype
    • Tritype Archetype
    • Tritype with Wings
    • Takeaway
  • Additional Resources
  • Notes

About the Author

Dave Langell
Dave Langell

I first began studying the Enneagram personality types in 1992. After reading every book I could find on the subject and even attending trainings and conferences, I soon realized that the system lacked a foundation for tying together all the pieces that made it up. The many concepts and interpretations that were piecemealed into the system over the years were often vague and contradicting. I was left to figure out for myself, through a lengthy and difficult effort, exactly how it all fit together. Having spent over 20 years doing this, I thought other people could benefit from what I wish I had when I first started learning the system - a single comprehensive and practical book tying the many concepts and interpretations together. That book is the Enneagram User Guide.

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