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Learn Ember.js with ember-cli.

Everything you wish you had known while learning to write Ember.js applications.
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About the Book

Learn to write Ember.js applications from the ground up.

If you are just getting started with Ember.js, this book is perfect for you. We’ll work on a real world application (not a to-do list) that will allow you to learn Ember.js and its main features while using ember-cli. Introducing Ember-Data from the first example, you'll learn how to work with data coming from an API as well as how to consume raw JSON using $.ajax.

Don’t fall into common traps. We'll tell you what to keep an eye on when using certain features. There are a lot of changes going on in Ember, Ember-Data, and ember-cli. This book will continue to develop along with those changes.

Ember 2.0

The book will be frequently updated to accomodate to the changes coming on Ember 2.0. You will be able to learn Ember as it is currently and you'll also get tips about things to keep in mind and how you can start to write code which can be easily migrated once 2.0 becomes the official release. Don't worry about keeping track of every change, we'll make sure you get all the details.

If you want a book that keeps tracks of the Ember.js ecosystem, then ember-cli-101 is the right choice.

Get 24/7 support 

We know how difficult it is to follow a text that contains poor examples, or worse, a text that leaves you with unanswered questions and nobody on hand to offer guidance. We provide 24/7 support to all interested readers through our IRC channel #ember-cli-101.


I purchased your book today and all I have to say is it is awesome. It really connected the dots for me

Jamie Phillips

Adolfo’s step by step guidance in developing a ember web app through this book unleashed my own creativity for developing ember apps.

Anil S

Good resources about Ember are rare and Adolfo's book was an invaluable help for me when learning. Ember-CLI makes Ember fun and Adolfo's book makes it easy.

Pierre Choffé

Bought the book the other day and it is EXCELLENT...a very comprehensive how-to for Ember


The Workshop

The workshop includes personalized guidance where we'll go through the book with weekly sessions of questions and answers plus a special guest.

It also includes access to a participant forum where you can get all of your questions answered and 24/7 support through our IRC channel. 

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Table of Contents

    • What you need to know about this book
      • Audience: Programmers with basic JavaScript knowledge.
      • Why should I read this book?
      • How to read this book
      • Can I learn Ember 2.0 with this book?
      • But you are still talking about controllers!
      • Ember in 2016.
      • Demo code on GitHub
      • Reporting Errata - Suggesting Edits.
    • Why Ember?
    • Anatomy
    • Conventions
    • Getting started
      • Requirements
      • ember new
    • Hands-on
      • Adding a friend resource
      • Connecting with a Backend
      • A word on Adapters
      • Listing our friends
      • Adding a new friend
      • Viewing a friend profile
      • Updating a friend profile
      • Deleting friends
      • Mockups
      • Installing Dependencies
      • Articles Resource
      • Defining relationships.
      • Nested Loans Index
      • Lending new articles
      • Computed Property Macros
      • Using components to mark a loan as returned.
      • Implementing auto save.
      • Route hooks
    • Working with JavaScript plugins
      • Installing moment
      • It’s a global!
      • Wrapping globals
      • Writing an Ember helper: format-date.
      • Working with libraries with named AMD distributions.
      • ember-browserify
      • Wrapping up
    • Components and Addons
      • Web Components
      • ember-cli addons
      • ember-cli-fill-murray
      • Consuming fill-murray in borrowers
    • Ember Data
      • DS.Store Public API
      • findRecord: Loading a single record
      • Loading relationships
      • What to use?
    • Computed Properties and Observers
      • Computed Property function signature
      • Computed Properties gotchas
      • Observers
      • Observing collections
    • Driving our application state through the URL
      • Sorting friends.
      • Query Parameters
      • Refreshing the model when query parameters changes
      • Further Reading
    • Testing Ember.js applications
      • Unit Testing
      • Acceptance Tests
      • Further Reading
    • PODS
    • Deploying Ember.js applications
      • Deploying to S3
      • Deploying to Pagefront
      • ember-cli-deploy
    • Updating your project to the latest version of ember-cli
      • Wrapping up.
  • Notes

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