Leanpub edit ai

We're Here to Help You Edit Your Book!

  • Available as a Leanpub AI Service for books which are published, are 100% complete, are in Browser mode and are written in Markua
  • Pick the book you want us to edit (English-only at launch)
  • Leanpub will preview your existing book to ensure it works and that there are no EPUBCheck errors
  • Leanpub will use GPT-4 with custom prompt engineering to copy edit your book manuscript
  • Leanpub will ensure that code samples and filenames are not copy edited
  • Leanpub will preview your translated book as a PDF and EPUB ebook, and will ensure your translated ebook has no EPUBCheck errors
  • $449 per book

To get your book edited, please go here. Thank you for being an early adopter of Leanpub EditAI!