Doing Digital oleh Ved Sen [Leanpub PDF/iPad/Kindle]
Doing Digital
Doing Digital (Doing Digital - Connect, Quantify, Optimise)
Doing Digital

Last updated on 2017-05-20

About the Book

Why should you read this book? 

They say every business is a technology business. It’s more accurate to say that every business is a digital business, and whether you work in a large corporation or a small firm, you probably work in a business that’s going digital. 

But digital means many things to many people. Is it technology? Data? Design? Is it about Mobiles? Big data? Agile methods? AI? Often, the answer depends on who you ask, but in reality it’s all of these things. This book is for you if you’re looking understand all that goes into digital and make sense of it. The book will arm you with a conceptual framework with which to understand digital. This will help you understand digital transformation in your business better, but it will also help you make more sense of your next small digital project. 

Along the way I hope it will demystify a lot of jargon - why APIs are like Lego, or why a toy elephant called Hadoop is so critical to big data. It is designed to give you a good starting point for your journey in understanding all the many facets of digital. I’ve written this book to be a jumping off point for all these topics. This book should give you enough of an understanding and confidence to go looking for more information on the subjects that attract you. 

This is not a text book.It’s meant to be an easy read. It doesn’t assume that you will read the chapters sequentially. Feel free to jump to any topic that’s been bothering you. I would recommend reading the introductory section 1 and section 6 which deals with new thinking. You can hop around for the rest. 

A conceptual understanding is good but it’s not enough. You also need an execution framework. The book also looks to arm you with an simple execution model that will help you structure and implement your next digital project. 

This is not a book for technologists, it will not dive deep into technology. This is also not a book about digital strategy - there are plenty of good ones out there. This is a guide to digital for non technical managers, because doing digital is no longer an option. I hope it’s fun to read, it’s been fun to write. 

About the Author

Ved Sen
Ved Sen

Ved Sen has worked at the interface of business and emerging technology for 20 years. He grew up in India and after degrees in Economics and Business, stumbled into the technology industry in 1997 with the advent of the Internet. With prior experience in sales, marketing, advertising and journalism, he has always approached technology with a business first mindset. Over the past two decades his work has spanned start ups and stints at large corporations. He has worked across a number of businesses including retail, banking, utilities, media and broadcasting, insurance, consumer goods, and manufacturing. He is fascinated by the impact of technology on business, society and culture. Ved was born in India but has lived in London for 14 years now. He currently works as a Digital Evangelist at Tata Consultancy Services, UK. 

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