Do What Makes Your Soul Sing
Do What Makes Your Soul Sing
Do What Makes Your Soul Sing

Last updated on 2015-02-15

About the Book

A collection of notes from the inspirational lecture series "Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders". Read advice from 24 different lectures including leaders such as Tim Draper (DFJ), Stephen Cohen (Palantir), Tim O'Reilly (O'Reilly), and Nassim Taleb (Author).

Read notes on lectures by:

  • Ge Wang, Jeff Smith (Smule)
  • Olivia Fox Cabane (Author)
  • Geoff Yang (Redpoint Ventures)
  • Steve Garrity, Roelof Botha, Kit Rodgers, Divya Nag, Heidi Roizen, Chuck Eesley, William Miller (Stanford)
  • Noam Wasserman (HBS)
  • Jess Lee, Peter Fenton (Polyvore)
  • Melinda Gates (Gates Foundation)
  • Sue Siegel (GE)
  • Hank Wuh (Skai Ventures)
  • Steven McCormick (Moore Foundation)
  • John Lilly (Greylock)
  • Tim Draper (DFJ)
  • Cindy Padnos, Tom Kosnik (Illuminate Ventures)
  • Stephen Cohen (Palantir)
  • Dan Berkenstock, Julian Mann, John Fenwick, Ching-Yu Hu (Skybox Imaging)
  • Tim O'Reilly (O'Reilly)
  • Nassim Taleb (Author)
  • Monica Lam (Stanford)
  • Akshay Kothari, Ankit Gupta (Pulse)
  • Kate Mitchell (Scale Venture)
  • Justin Rosenstein (Asana)
  • Chris Redlitz, Beverly Parenti, Heracio Harts (The Last Mile)
  • Jocelyn Goldfein, Tina Seelig (Facebook)
  • Ferdinando Buscema (Magic Experience Designer)

About the Author

Will Johnson

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