Disparate Thinking: Issue 1
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Disparate Thinking: Issue 1

About the Book

Imagine being thrown into a world where you do not know the rules. You do not know who to trust and who to fear. Who to love. Who to hate. Toss in 7 billion others just like you and a bunch of animal species beyond your own. Then imagine having a finite amount of time to experience that.

And there you are.

And here I am.

And there they are.

Now imagine wanting to connect. Having the ability to connect in a way that has never existed in the known history of the universe. And, above all, not really being able to. Where conversations are not explorations in curiosity, but exercises in proving who’s right and who’s wrong.

And there you are.

And here I am.

And there they are.

It was somewhat in that malaise and ennui that I found myself compelled to start this project. It was the aftermath of the 2016 United States Presidential Election that pushed me over the edge as I watched my friends from all walks of life begin tearing one another apart. I should note, I did not start this with pessimism and bitterness in my soul. Rather with the naive, and possibly hubristic belief that I could lend a hand in the drive toward a more civil discourse and understanding.

About the Author

Joshua Bruce
Joshua Bruce

I'm a wanderer and a collector of stories who feels like an alien dropped on a ship with limited time to interact and explore.

I love to learn. I love to experience. I love to share.

Working as a life and Agile Coach. Academically focused in the fine arts. Personally trained in software engineering. And fascinated by the human condition of being an alien on a ship set adrift in a sea of stars surrounded by 7+ billion other aliens here, for what seems like, the first time; all that to say, I have an affinity for the humanities (mainly psychology, sociology, and philosophy).

Table of Contents

  • Forward
    • Who I am
    • How Disparate Thinking Works (right now)
  • What is philosophy?
    • How do you practice philosophy?
    • What areas of life are covered by philosophical inquiry?
  • Most common problem in philosophy?
  • What is civil discourse?
    • What gets in the way of civil discourse?
  • What is rhetoric?
  • What is dialectic?
  • What is polemic?
    • My collegiate career with competition
    • Closing thoughts
  • What is neuroplasticity?
    • So what?
    • Heresy
    • Cognitive inertia
    • What is a connectome?
    • Closing thoughts
  • What is critical thinking?
    • What is truth?
    • Hard and soft
    • What is truth, take two?
    • How do you prove what is true?
    • Closing thoughts
  • What is defining terms? How are dictionaries made?
    • My affinity for dictionaries
    • How are dictionaries made?
    • Does that mean we should throw dictionaries out the window?
  • Denotation versus connotation
  • Sophistry: Manipulation in the news
  • What is argument?
    • The form of an argument
    • Examining the content
  • What is the principle of charity?
  • What is the Socratic method
  • Why the Socratic method is rarely used?
    • How to use the Socratic method
    • It takes too long
  • Socrates in a nutshell
    • Socrates could have escaped
    • Pure democracy is mob rule
  • Plato in a nutshell
    • Epistemology and the mind-body problem
    • What is justice, and who is fit to rule
    • Plato was a teacher of philosophy
  • Aristotle in a nutshell
    • Spiritualism versus materialism
  • Collectivism versus individualism
    • Taxonomy of everything everywhere
    • Conclusion
  • Collectivism
    • The pros of collectivism
    • The cons of collectivism
    • Final thoughts
  • Individualism
    • Pros to individualism
    • Cons to individualism
    • Final thoughts
  • Holons
  • Notes

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