Developing Cross Platform Mobile… by Dan Moore [PDF/iPad/Kindle]
Developing Cross Platform Mobile Applications with Cordova CLI
Developing Cross Platform Mobile Applications with Cordova CLI
Developing Cross Platform Mobile Applications with Cordova CLI

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Completed on 2013-10-04

About the Book

Why should you buy this book? To save you from hours of exploration and learning. I have spent tens of hours exploring nooks and crannies of Cordova CLI, as well as having months of experience with the framework; all of that time is condensed down to this book.

If this book saves you one hour of time, will the price be worth it?  If not, just return it using the 45 day guarantee. (At the risk of sounding like a used car salesman) there is no risk

If you are a Cordova or PhoneGap developer who is interested in using the full power of the Cordova CLI, the command line interface for managing Cordova projects. this book is for you.

It assumes you know enough about Cordova to have installed at least one device platform toolset, and that you can build the default application and install it on an emulator.

I will cover some of the advanced features of Cordova CLI as well as a discussion of how to apply some software techniques like deployment environments and version control to Cordova projects. I'll talk about my development process as well, and how Cordova CLI integrates with that.I'll focus on Cordova CLI for the 2.9 and 3.0 versions of Cordova. Cordova CLI didn't vary much between these releases, so unless I call out something as being specific to one version only, the information applies equally to both.

I would love any feedback. Feel free to leave it here, or tweet me at @mooreds or send email me at leanpub at mooreds dot com.  You can also see other posts and articles I have written about the Cordova command line.

About the Author

Dan Moore
Dan Moore

Dan Moore has been developing for the web since 1997, using all manner of (unixish) technologies, from perl to java to php to javascript to Cordova.

Recently he's been working more with the AWS technology stack, and is has been an instructor for AWS training programs.

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