Debugging Ruby
Debugging Ruby
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Debugging Ruby

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Last updated on 2014-10-16

About the Book

"The ability to debug code is arguably more important than the ability to write code."

I've been helping people debug Ruby code for years now in the #rubyonrails IRC channel on Freenode, Stack Overflow and as a full-time job.

Debugging Ruby is a book containing examples of common debugging pitfalls with Ruby code and Rails applications, using cases that I've seen in my day-to-day work. Starting off with some simple Ruby examples and moving into more and more complex territory, this book will educate you in the ways of debugging Ruby code efficiently and what to do in the case of when things go wrong.

About the Author

Ryan Bigg
Ryan Bigg

Ryan Bigg won a Ruby Hero Award in 2011 for his work on documentation within the Ruby on Rails community, including work on several of the official Ruby on Rails guides, and his first book Rails 3 in Action, which is now in its second edition as Rails 4 in Action. On the Leanpub side of things, he wrote Multitenancy with Rails.

He previously worked full-time on the open-source parts of Spree Commerce as the Community Manager, but now works full-time at Culture Amp. Oh, and he is well-known on Stack Overflow for providing great answers for Ruby and Rails questions.

He even has a blog.

Table of Contents

  • General Debugging Tips
    • Debugging frame of mind
  • Debugging Ruby
    • Basic Example #1
    • Basic Example #2
    • Basic Example #2
  • Debugging Rails
    • Workflow
    • Rails Example #1 - form_for
    • Rails Example #2 - Routing HTTP verbs/methods
    • Debugging slow code
    • TODO
  • Handling Exceptions
  • Advanced Rails Debugging
    • Advanced Rails Example #1 - Broken Devise Application

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