Developing with compile time in mind
Developing with compile time in mind
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Developing with compile time in mind

Last updated on 2015-10-12

About the Book

To preprocess code, or not? That is the question.

Well in languages such as D and Lisp. That question has another cavet. Why not just mutate it during compilation into runnable code?

Compile time function execution (CTFE) is the action of executing a piece of code during the compilation or processing of some other code. Generally in languages that are only ever ahead of time compiled such as D. It means that code can be generated and executed based upon arguments.

This is especially exciting when reflection capabilities are tied into it. Allowing for all sorts of efficient runtime execution generated code.

About the Author

richard cattermole
richard cattermole

Richard is from New Zealand. He recently graduated from Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology with a degree in ICT.In the D community he is known for DOOGLE (GUI toolkit), Cmsed, Dvorm and more recently Devisualization.He has a strange fascination towards CTFE and its many uses. For this reason alone Cmsed, has significant CTFE usage in helping optimise routing and database work.

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Exploring language support
    • The D programming language
      • Developing CTFE’able code
      • Reflection
        • __traits
          • “compiles”
          • “getAttributes”
          • “allMembers”
          • “hasMember”
        • Standard library (std.traits)
    • Lisp family of languages
  • Different Types
    • Constant expansion
    • Macros
    • Execution
    • AST execution
    • External execution
  • Design patterns
    • Helper generators
    • Get checker generators
    • Import checker generators
    • Mix gen checked
  • Use cases
    • Web servics - Routing
    • Web services - ORM
    • Web services - Templating
    • JNI - Wrapping Java Types
  • Tutorials
    • ORM
  • References
  • Glossary
  • Example code
    • Tutorial code
      • Simple example
      • Example model
      • User defined attributes
      • Reflection wrapper
      • Compatibility UDA code
      • Does symbol have UDA?
      • UDA value

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