Creating Multi-Process Mac… by Christian Tietze [PDF/iPad/Kindle]
Creating Multi-Process Mac Applications
Creating Multi-Process Mac Applications
Creating Multi-Process Mac Applications

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Last updated on 2015-04-14

About the Book


Learn how to make your app more resilient, failure-proof, and modular.

This book will teach you how to create Mac applications which utilize background processes for heavy lifting and use the main application for the user interface only.

Set up your project with a daemon–client separation in mind and share data effortlessly. You will learn about the various ways of Inter-Process Communication on the Mac and how to use the modern Cocoa XPC in particular.

Build enterprise-level applications: they are easy to scale and ready for features. They become resilient to changes by splitting concerns between processes. This will help you think of your application as a suite of simpler services which can grow independently and thus more easily.

After Exploring Mac App Development Strategies introduced basics of software architecture to the communicty, this book will utilize the guiding principles to create a complex real-world application.

Table of Contents

  • Part 1: Understanding the problem
    • Inter-Process Communication on the Mac
    • How popular app developers solve the problem
  • Part 2: Solving the problem
    • Preparing the Architecture
      • A bit of Domain-driven Design Vocabulary Recap
      • Bounded Contexts
      • Aggregates
      • Rephrasing the problem: integrating Bounded Contexts
      • Sharing Data and Eventual Consistency
    • Organizing the database
      • Benefits and Drawbacks of Sharing a Core Data Store
      • Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Different Storage Mechanisms
    • Implementing the Processes
      • Bootstrapping a Multi-Process Xcode Project
      • Test-Driving the XPC API
      • Testing XPC Calls: Define Adapters
  • Part 3: Discussion
  • Appendix
    • Including interesting links, books, etc.

About the Author

Christian Tietze
Christian Tietze

Christian loves writing software. Mac and iOS development is a lot of fun – even more so when you are able to keep your code clean and maintainable. He writes short e-books about software architecture and clean coding paradigms to raise the bar for all Cocoa app developers.

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