Computer Science Distilled
Computer Science Distilled
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Computer Science Distilled

Last updated on 2018-12-27

About the Book

Computer Science Distilled equips you to use computers to solve complex, challenging problems. Knowing a programming language is not enough to fully reap the benefits of computers. Computer science is required to engineer software systems that power our world. That’s why computer scientists are one of the most sought types of professionals of our time. Letting go of the academic formality, this book teaches the fundamentals of computer science in a fun and easy way. Ideal for readers who just learned a first programming language.

About the Author

Wladston Ferreira Filho
Wladston Ferreira Filho

My name is Wladston. I hold bachelor's and master's degrees in computer science. I'm the author of Computer Science Distilled, a book that explains the science of computation in an easy way.

About the Contributors

Table of Contents

1. Basics, 1.1 Ideas, 1.2 Logic, 1.3 Counting, 1.4 Probability, 2. Complexity,

2.1 Counting Time, 2.2 The Big-O Notation, 2.3 Exponentials, 2.4 Counting Memory, 3.Strategy, 3.1 Iteration, 3.2 Recursion, 3.3 Brute Force, 3.4 Backtracking, 3.5 Heuristics, 3.6 Divide and Conquer, 3.7 Dynamic Programming, 3.8 Branch and Bound, 4. Data, 4.1 Abstract Data Types, 4.2 Common Abstractions, 4.3 Structures, 5. Algorithms, 5.1 Sorting, 5.2 Searching, 5.3 Graphs, 5.4 Operations Research, 6. Databases, 6.1 Relational, 6.2 Non-Relational, 6.3 Distributed, 6.4 Geographical, 6.5 Serialization Formats, 7. Computers, 7.1 Architecture, 7.2 Compilers, 7.3 Memory Hierarchy, 8. Programming, 8.1 Linguistics, 8.2 Variables, 8.3 Paradigms

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