Leanpub For Companies

Use Leanpub’s Powerful Workflows to Produce and Publish Great Ebooks!

Leanpub offers a sophisticated solution for companies that want to write and produce ebooks at scale.

We provide writing workflows that include optional integration with GitHub and Bitbucket. These services offer companies powerful tools for collaboration and tracking changes over time. We strongly believe this represents the next stage in the evolution of book writing and production.

For companies who are publishing textbooks or prescriptive non-fiction books (“How To” books), we also provide a platform for the creation of books and MOOCs from a single editable plain text document, streamlining in a systematic way the natural connection between the production of textbooks and courses.

Benefits of Leanpub for Companies

  • Offer your authors and editors a number of interchangeable book writing modes
  • Create PDF, EPUB, and MOBI versions of your books with the click of a button
  • Efficiently integrate ebook publishing with your existing print workflow, if you produce print books
  • Optionally use our unique storefront to sell your books and earn an 80% royalty on every sale, and to start selling your books while they are still works in progress
  • Test book projects by soliciting expressions of interest on pre-publication landing pages
  • Release book updates and edits to existing readers with one click

At Leanpub, we’ve spent years building great technology for individual authors to write and sell their ebooks.

Different authors prefer to write books in different ways, and keeping them happy throughout the book production process can often be difficult. This problem is compounded by the fact that editors and copy-editors also have their own ways of doing things.

Many Leanpub authors choose to use our combination of writing workflows with an online bookstore after having worked successfully with well-known book publishers. They almost always say the same thing: they loved the people they worked with, but they were frustrated by the process. Now you can use our process with your team!

Here are the ways you can write a book using Leanpub:

  • In your browser with a plain text editor
  • On your computer, in plain text, syncing with Git and GitHub
  • On your computer, in plain text, syncing with Git and Bitbucket
  • On your computer, in plain text, using Dropbox
  • Any way you like, and then upload the ebook files you have created for sale on our online bookstore, using our Upload writing mode

After years of developing these workflows by working closely with successful authors, we’re excited to take our Lean Publishing process and expand it to support companies like yours.

Our company program has already helped forward-thinking companies like Growing Agile easily produce over a dozen professional ebooks using Leanpub’s simple, proven workflow.

We’re excited to work with you! You can set up a new company on Leanpub any time on this page.

Publisher? University? Contact Us

If you represent either a traditional publisher or a university, Leanpub can work with you as well. We’ve worked with universities such as Johns Hopkins University, who used Leanpub to produce their Cloud Based Data Science course set of 11 data science courses.

For traditional publishers and universities, if you would like to use Leanpub for your book or course production process, chances are you’ll either need a custom contract and/or you’ll be making more than 100 books or courses. In these cases, please email hello@leanpub.com to schedule a Zoom call so we can discuss your needs.