No Frills Command Line… by Alan Storm [Leanpub PDF/iPad/Kindle]
No Frills Command Line Magento
No Frills Command Line Magento
No Frills Command Line Magento

This book is 95% complete

Last updated on 2014-12-21

About the Book

December 2014: Now included all n98-magerun commands from verseion 1.9.3.

No Frills Command Line Magento is two books in one.

First, it's a primer/manual for the popular and powerful n98-magerun tool. This command line tool automates and simplifies many of Magento's administrative tasks, and is a no brainer if you're handling day to day IT tasks related to Magento administration.

No Frills Command Line Magento is also, in a stealthy way, a survey of modern PHP development. In teaching you about n98-magerun, you'll also get a high level overviews of

  • PHP phar Archives
  • PHP Composer
  • PHP Namespaces
  • PHP Phing
  • Symfony's Console Application Framework
  • Unix Shell Scripting

Beyond learning about these important development topics, the process of installing, building, and running n98-magerun will give you a methodology for approaching any new PHP project. No Frills Command Line Magento is a great, (and quick), read for those developers looking to hop on the programming track and take a step up from the world of entry level blue collar development.

This book is for PHP programmers of all experience levels. If you can install Magento and run ls from the terminal, there's something for you in this book.

Why 95% complete?  Because updates covering new n98-magerun commands and the recently introduced module system are in the works, as are other new chapters covering the intersection of Magento and command line programming. By purchasing your copy via Leanpub, you'll be automatically subscribed to any and all updates made to No Frills Command Line Magento.

About the Author

Alan Storm
Alan Storm

Alan Storm is the owner of Pulse Storm, a small technology publishing company focused on improving the working lives of the programmers who do the work that makes the web run.

His first book, No Frills Magento Layout, remains the go to resource for developers learning Magento's Layout system, and Pulse Storm's Magento debugging extension Commerce Bug has been saving Magento developer's (tempeh) bacon for years.

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