CoffeeScript Ristretto

An intense doppio of programming

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About the Book

"I particularly enjoyed this small book because I've reached for it a hundred times before and come up empty-handed. Large and heavy manuals on object-oriented programming and JavaScript are all around us, but to find a book that tackles the fundamental features of functions and objects in a brief, strong gulp, is rare indeed."—Jeremy Ashkenas, creator of the CoffeeScript Language
"Loving CoffeeScript Ristretto!"—Larry Marburger
"I was also seriously caught up by [the] digression into espresso, ristretto, etc.Worth the purchase just for the intro."—Chris Smith
"Best explanation of closures i've seen yet."—Jerry Anning

CoffeeScript Ristretto is a book about programming with functions that uses the CoffeeScript programming language for the examples and exercises. CoffeeScript Ristretto is for:

  • Programmers learning CoffeeScript who want a thorough grounding in its fundamentals rather than a cursory treatment of its syntax.
  • Programmers already using CoffeeScript who want to go back and take a deep dive into programming with functions and combinators.
  • Any programmer curious about programming with functions.

CoffeeScript Ristretto's primary focus is functions as first-class values and advanced topics built on those fundamentals such as callbacks, combinators, method decorators, fluent APIs, and continuation-passing style. Download two free sample chapters and see for yourself!

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About the Author

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Table of Contents

  • A Pull of the Lever: Prefaces
    • About This Book
    • Foreword by Jeremy Ashkenas
    • Legend
  • Prelude: Values and Expressions
    • values and expressions
    • values and identity
  • CoffeeScript Ristretto
  • The first sip: Functions
    • As Little As Possible About Functions, But No Less
    • Ah. I’d Like to Have an Argument, Please.
    • Closures and Scope
    • Summary
  • Slurp: More About Functions and Scope
    • Let Me Show You What To Do
    • A Simple Question
    • Making Things Easy
    • Summary
  • References, Identity, Arrays, and Objects
    • arguments and arrays
    • references and objects
  • Stir the Espresso: Objects, Mutation, and State
    • Reassignment and Mutation
    • Normal Variables
    • Comprehensions
    • Encapsulating State with Closures
    • Composition and Extension
    • This and That
    • Summary
  • Finish the Cup: Instances and Classes
    • Prototypes are Simple, it’s the Explanations that are Hard To Understand
    • A Touch of Class
    • Object Methods
    • Canonicalization
    • This Section Needs No Title
    • Extending Classes
    • Summary
  • An Extra Shot of Ideas
    • Refactoring to Combinators
    • Method Decorators
    • Callbacks and Promises
    • Summary
  • A Golden Crema
    • How to run the examples
    • Thanks!
    • JavaScript Allongé
    • Copyright Notice
    • About The Author

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