Conceptual Dynamic Programming : Optimal Coding Simplified
Conceptual Dynamic Programming : Optimal Coding Simplified
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Conceptual Dynamic Programming : Optimal Coding Simplified

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Last updated on 2019-02-24

About the Book

Programming is fun though largely intuitive and less predictable ! Conceptual Programming is more fun and predictable, hence more reliable !!

Includes 100+ solved problems !!!

This book provides conceptual approach to understanding, applying and extending the computational aspect of dynamic programming. This leads to simplification of optimal coding paradigm and enforces correctness as a part of program design with great emphasis on foundational science of dynamic Programming. Familiarity with elementary calculus and probability is assumed. Though aimed primarily at programmers, it imparts the knowledge of deep internals of underlying mathematical concepts to teachers alike.

Care has been taken, as in the forthcoming ones, to present the solutions with multi-concepts and beyond in a simple natural manner, in order to meet the difficulties which are most likely to arise, and to render the work intelligible and instructive.

This work contains several variations of problems, solutions, methods, approaches to enrich, strengthen and enliven the inherent multi-concepts.

About the Author

Chandra Shekhar Kumar
Chandra Shekhar Kumar

Chandra Shekhar Kumar is Co-Founder of Ancient Science Publishers.

He is Founder of Ancient Kriya Yoga Mission.

He holds a degree of Integrated M.Sc.(5 yrs) in Physics from IIT Kanpur.

He has been programming in C++ since last 20 years. He loves to hack gcc, gdb, valgrind, clang, boost, TeX, LaTeX and pours inside the works of Dijkstra and Knuth.

Table of Contents


1 Genesis

1.1 Optimal Loot Partition

1.1.1 Deterministic

1.1.2 Stochastic

1.2 Exam Prep

1.3 Optimal Coin Tossing

1.4 Proving Optimality Principle

2 Computation

2.1 Ascension to Heaven

2.2 Fibonacci Line Search

3 Selection Algorithms

4 String Algorithms

5 Partitioning Problems

6 Optimal Tree Problems

7 Inventory Problems

8 Sequencing Algorithms

9 Graph Algorithms

10 Probabilistic Problems

11 Distribution Problems

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