Welcome To Canada
Welcome To Canada
Welcome To Canada

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Last updated on 2013-04-26

About the Book

Welcome To Canada is a book about the experience of immigrating to the "Great White North" with its surprises and pitfalls.

Everything in this book has happened to me in one way or another during the two years it took until I finally received my Canadian PR card.

This includes interesting moments dealing with both governments, for example a passport that turned out to be entirely useless and a person that did not know how to dial a long-distance phone number.

The contents of this book go beyond the actual immigration process and compare living in Ontario to my place of birth in Germany.

Finally, my brief impressions of the USA during a short visit will make it into this book as well.

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About the Author

Tim Steinbach
Tim Steinbach

Tim Steinbach is a software developer from Germany, who has moved to Ontario, Canada.

Having been part of small and large software projects, it became evident that communication and documentation are key for working in a team and future product maintenance. This is why it is crucial to introduce and promote the easiest (for reader and writer) ways of documenting!

Tim's blog rm -rf / is a place for unusual hints and tricks. Also, check out his website NeQuissimus Online.

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