Groovy 3.0 Course (The Course)
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Groovy 3.0 Course

Learn Groovy and Gradle

This course includes 2 attempts.

Groovy is familiar to Java programmers, runs on the JVM, yet has the ease and flexibility of languages like Python.

In this course you will learn all about how to use both dynamic and static typing, all of the Groovy syntax, and the GDK to help you become an awesome Groovy developer.


It's meant for anyone from beginners to experienced Java developers.

This course will teach you everything from the basics to the details of what changed in the Groovy 2.5 and Groovy 3.0 releases. It will also introduce you to using the Gradle build tool with a Groovy based build file.

If you already know something, then answering the questions should be a breeze. If not, take as much time as you need to learn and explore before answering the questions.

Before you get started, it helps to install the latest version of the JDK and Groovy. (If 3.0 isn't ready yet, don't fret, just use 2.5 for now).


You will need the following to be successful at this course: a computer with a good internet connection, basic computer knowledge and ability to start a terminal or “command prompt”, and four to six hours to take the course.