Let's build a: Multiplayer Phaser game
Let's build a: Multiplayer Phaser game
Let's build a: Multiplayer Phaser game

This book is 100% complete

Completed on 2017-12-24

About the Book

Learn how to create a multiplayer game from scratch! Use socket.io and TypeScript to tame your code. This book makes usage of the awesome Phaser game engine for it's game rendering capabilities.

Table of Contents

  • Foreword
    • Who this book is for
  • Introduction
    • How to approach this book
  • What the heck are we building together?
  • Setting up our development environment
    • Where to start
    • Setting Up Node.js and Git
    • The main ingredient
    • Our frontend Architecture
    • Our architecture
    • Conclusion
  • Orchastrating our domain model
    • The building blocks
    • Creating our first model
    • The Player model
    • The Keyboard model
    • Putting it all together
    • Creating our directories
    • Directory construction
  • Implementing our game domain models
    • About Phaser
    • Talking about Phaser…
    • The Player model
    • Phaser Arcade Physics
    • The Game Model
    • The Keyboard Model
  • Seeing it in action!
    • Hooking it all up together
  • Projectiles!
    • Making it to the big screen
    • Overlap
    • Gimme the gun!
    • Overlap
    • Updating the keyboard with a fire!
    • The HUD
  • Hooking up our server
    • On to the server side of things!
    • Models and events
    • Setting up our static file server
    • Socket connection
    • Back to the client
    • Marvelous explosions!
  • The world should remember your name
    • Login
  • Bonus!
    • Refactoring & Asteroids
    • Adding more features
    • Refactoring
    • Asteroids!
  • Further reading and discovery
    • Other Phaser resources

About the Author

Oscar Lodriguez
Oscar Lodriguez

A passionate and motivated Software Engineer majored in information technology. Shares a vision for developing semantically and syntactically correct software for mobile and web applications. Loves to keep things SOLID and sports a YAGNI approach.

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