Let's build a: Multiplayer Phaser game
Let's build a: Multiplayer Phaser game


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Let's build a: Multiplayer Phaser game

This book is 100% complete

Completed on 2017-12-24

About the Book

Learn how to create a multiplayer game from scratch! Use socket.io and TypeScript to tame your code. This book makes usage of the awesome Phaser game engine for it's game rendering capabilities.

About the Author

Oscar Lodriguez
Oscar Lodriguez

A passionate and motivated Software Engineer majored in information technology. Shares a vision for developing semantically and syntactically correct software for mobile and web applications. Loves to keep things SOLID and sports a YAGNI approach.

Table of Contents

  • Foreword
    • Who this book is for
  • Introduction
    • How to approach this book
  • What the heck are we building together?
  • Setting up our development environment
    • Where to start
    • Setting Up Node.js and Git
    • The main ingredient
    • Our frontend Architecture
    • Our architecture
    • Conclusion
  • Orchastrating our domain model
    • The building blocks
    • Creating our first model
    • The Player model
    • The Keyboard model
    • Putting it all together
    • Creating our directories
    • Directory construction
  • Implementing our game domain models
    • About Phaser
    • Talking about Phaser…
    • The Player model
    • Phaser Arcade Physics
    • The Game Model
    • The Keyboard Model
  • Seeing it in action!
    • Hooking it all up together
  • Projectiles!
    • Making it to the big screen
    • Overlap
    • Gimme the gun!
    • Overlap
    • Updating the keyboard with a fire!
    • The HUD
  • Hooking up our server
    • On to the server side of things!
    • Models and events
    • Setting up our static file server
    • Socket connection
    • Back to the client
    • Marvelous explosions!
  • The world should remember your name
    • Login
  • Bonus!
    • Refactoring & Asteroids
    • Adding more features
    • Refactoring
    • Asteroids!
  • Further reading and discovery
    • Other Phaser resources

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