Build Mobile Apps with Ionic 1 and… by Fu Cheng [PDF/iPad/Kindle]
Build Mobile Apps with Ionic 1 and Firebase
Build Mobile Apps with Ionic 1 and Firebase


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Build Mobile Apps with Ionic 1 and Firebase

Last updated on 2016-10-09

About the Book

With the prevalence of mobile apps, more and more developers want to learn how to build mobile apps. Developers can choose iOS or Android platforms to develop mobile apps. But learning Objective-C/Swift or Java is not an easy task. Web development programming languages, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, are easier to understand and learn. Building mobile apps is made possible by Apache Cordova, which creates a new type of mobile apps - Hybrid mobile apps. Hybrid mobile apps are actually running in an internal browser inside a wrapper created by Apache Cordova.  With hybrid mobile apps, we can have one single code base for different platforms. Developers also can use their existing web development skills. 

The Ionic framework builds on top of Apache Cordova and provides out-of-box components which make developing hybrid mobile apps much easier. Ionic uses Angular as the JavaScript framework and has nice default UI style with the similar look & feel as native apps. Firebase is a realtime database which can be accessed in web apps using JavaScript. With Ionic and Firebase, you just need to develop front-end code. You don't need to manage any back-end code or servers.

This book is an introductory guide to building hybrid mobile apps using Ionic and Firebase. This book is sample driven. In this book, we are going to build a Hacker News client app. This app can view top stories in Hacker News, view comments of a story, add stories to favorites, etc. This book covers various topics in mobile apps development:

  • Local development environment setup
  • Ionic quickstart
  • Work with Firebase
  • State transition
  • Common UI components: lists, cards, modals, popups, action sheets
  • Forms & inputs
  • User authentication
  • Publish apps
  • App updates with CodePush

This book covers the whole cycle of hybrid mobile apps development. It's organized around implementing above user stories. For each story, this book not only talks about how to implement it but also explain related Ionic and Firebase concepts in detail. 

The source code of the sample app is available on GitHub.


  • 2016-03-03   New chapter for CodePush
  • 2016-01-19   Upgrade to Ionic 1.2.4.
  • 2015-12-03   Add Ionic Creator in chapter 2.
  • 2015-11-10   Add action sheet in chapter 10.

About the Author

Fu Cheng
Fu Cheng

Full-stack software developer and lead software engineer at a healthcare startup.

  • Understanding the Java 7: the Core techniques and best practice (Simplified Chinese edition) covers Java SE 7 new features and deep dive of Java platform core features.
  • Build Mobile Apps with Ionic 2 and Firebase covers building mobile apps using Ionic 2 and Firebase.
  • A regular author on IBM developerWorks China and InfoQ China website with more than 50 published technical articles covering various technical topics.

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