Brainstorming Your… by Dirk Haun [Leanpub PDF/iPad/Kindle]
Brainstorming Your Presentation
Brainstorming Your Presentation
Brainstorming Your Presentation

Last updated on 2016-09-01

About the Book

In the introduction to Presenting for Geeks (also available on Leanpub), I wrote:

"Writing down what you know about a topic and what you consider important (in other words brainstorming) is actually a good way to start preparing for a presentation."

While the book did go into a little more detail, it took me a while to realise that many people are still struggling with this first but important step for their presentation. How do you brainstorm effectively? Are there any tools and techniques that you can use? And what, exactly, does it even mean to brainstorm?

"Brainstorming Your Presentation" delivers the answers to these questions. As the title suggests, it focusses on helping you brainstorm when you're working on a presentation.

The book has two parts. In the first part, you'll learn how to brainstorm for a presentation, and how to do it effectively. The second part discusses examples, how-tos, and tools that will help you brainstorm in a modern world.

About the Author

Dirk Haun
Dirk Haun

Dirk Haun works as a presentation coach in Stuttgart, Germany. He's the author of Presenting for Geeks (also available right here on Leanpub) and the co-organiser and speaker liaison at TEDxStuttgart. 

Dirk writes about presenting on his blog, The Mobile Presenter,

You can follow Dirk on Twitter at @dirkhaun. If you're tweeting about this book, please use the hashtag #bypbook. Thank you.

About the Contributors

Andreas Zeitler
Andreas Zeitler

Andreas Zeitler is the CEO of zCasting 3000, a motion graphics and video production company focusing on their customers' individual stories.

Lena Mohr
Lena Mohr

Lena Mohr is an information designer based in Stuttgart, Germany. Besides design and illustration, she likes travelling and ballet.

Reader Testimonials

Timo Antony
Timo Antony

Ever wondered how to sort out your great ideas? Then read "Brainstorming Your Presentation".

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