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Backbone Tutorials is also available free on the web at The e-book and site will remain synchronized. Also check out if you wish to dive into more Backbone.js.

Backbone.js has had unrivaled success and will be a crucial tool in modern web development. This book aims to get developers up to speed with single page web application development using Backbone.js as a foundation.

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Table of Contents

  • Why do you need Backbone.js?
  • Why single page applications are the future
  • So how does Backbone.js help?
  • Other frameworks
  • Contributors
  • What is a view?
  • The “el” property
  • Loading a template
  • Listening for events
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Relevant Links
  • Contributors
  • What is a model?
  • Setting attributes
  • Getting attributes
  • Setting model defaults
  • Manipulating model attributes
  • Listening for changes to the model
  • Interacting with the server
  • Creating a new model
  • Getting a model
  • Updating a model
  • Deleting a model
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Contributors
  • What is a collection?
  • Building a collection
  • What is a router?
  • Dynamic Routing
  • Dynamic Routing Cont. “:params” and “*splats”
  • Relevant Links
  • Contributors
  • Organizing your application using Modules (require.js)
  • What is AMD?
  • Why Require.js?
  • Getting started
  • Example File Structure
  • Bootstrapping your application
  • What does the bootstrap look like?
  • How should we lay out external scripts?
  • A boiler plate module
  • App.js Building our applications main module
  • Modularizing a Backbone View
  • Modularizing a Collection, Model and View
  • Conclusion
  • Relevant Links
  • Contributors
  • Lightweight Infinite Scrolling using Twitter API
  • Getting started
  • The Twitter Collection
  • Setting up the View
  • The widget template
  • Conclusion
  • Simple example - Node.js, Restify, MongoDb and Mongoose
  • Getting started
  • The technologies
  • Node.js
  • Restify
  • MongoDb
  • Mongoose
  • Building the server
  • Restify configuration
  • MongoDb/Mongoose configuration
  • Mongoose Schema
  • Setting up the routes
  • Setting up the client (Backbone.js)
  • Saving a message
  • Retrieving a list of messages
  • Conclusion
  • Relevant Links
  • Cross-domain Backbone.js with sessions using CORS
  • Security
  • Getting started
  • Checking session state at first load
  • An example Session model
  • Hooking up views to listen to changes in auth
  • Building a compatible server
  • Example node server
  • Conclusion
  • Relevant Links
  • SEO for single page apps
  • How does redirecting bots work?
  • Implementation using Phantom.js
  • Redirecting bots
  • Relevant Links

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